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German songs to listen for better learning?


Please share some songs, artists that you listen too while not practicing in Duo. I want to learn German as fast as possible. But need more practice with talking and listening.

SOooo... what do you listen to? I usually stick to Cro :D

July 29, 2017



Aha, this is really interesting. Thanks

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Thanks MissDriss4ever. Have a Lingot; althought I doubt that you need them with a 653 day streak going, but you can use them to bless others.


to MissDriss4ever: I just tried it out and it is great fun. Thanks a lot. Have a lingot.

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Maughanster_, Great music site. Have a Lingot.


Danke!!Have a Lingot!


Do you enjoy a cappella (i.e., the genre Pitch Perfect spotlights)? We had to listen to the Wise Guys in high school. Yeah, I know the band name sounds English, but they're actually from Köln and a lot of fun to listen to.

Also, there's some fantastic German music from the 80s (from a genre known as Neue Deutsche Welle, or New German Wave). Do you know the song "Major Tom Coming Home?" The singer (Peter Schilling) is German, and you can find the original version on Youtube. Falco is good, but he was a Viennese-Austrian rapper and can be difficult to understand; I don't know how much he'll help for picking up more basic German. Regardless, his famous songs are "Rock Me Amadeus" and "Der Kommissar." Other more famous/intelligible songs from that era include "99 Luftballons" by Nena and "Da da da" by Trio. Oh, and you can't go wrong with Kraftwerk (check out their song "Computerliebe," especially if you're a Coldplay fan).


I lingot for mentioning Wise Guys :)


My favourite band is ; Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi.


I highly recommend this playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DXbKGrOUA30KN

It's a playlist by Spotify with new German pop hits, it updates once a week to add and remove a few songs.


Oh mein Gott ich liebe es!! DANKE!!!


Hi, I know a lot of them :)

I like german rap, but that might be problematic to understand. I'll share with you anyway: Sido (he's an author, for example: ASTRONAUT), 257ers (Holz, Holland), Peter Fox (alles neu, schwarz zu blau etc.) Adel Tawil (weinen) Mark Foster (Chore, au revoir, wir sind gross) Nina Hagens (that's definitely not rap, you can learn interesting vocabulary with her songs)

Viel Spass beim Lernen und viel Erfolg!

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