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Keep old streak record on profile

I think that Duolingo is brilliant however I also use Memrise to consolidate my learning. Recently, I lost a hard earned streak on Duo when we went on holiday somewhere without wifi access. This was really demoralising as I had spent a lot of time building up that streak and I took a while off before resolving to rebuild it. On Memrise, your profile shows the highest streak that you have reached, and I think that it would be a really good idea to have this on Duo too. Just browsing the forums, I have seen loads of discussions from people who have lost their streaks and this means that no one else can see what you have done in the past, even if you had had a 2000 day streak or something (my streak was nowhere near this by the way!).

July 29, 2017



If you can use accumulated lingots (of which I have a ton!) to buy a day-ahead "miss" so that you don't lose your streak, why can't you buy a credit for a day you accidentally miss, so that your streak is not destroyed?!


This is a good idea. Even for those of us who don't use the streaks for motivation, it would be useful information.


I think that would be a simple and helpful thing to put in. When the day comes that I do lose my streak, it would be nice to have proof that I at one point had a high streak.


C'est une bonne idée!!! ...Come on, everyone! Bump up the likes on this discussion to get the Duolingo Team to see it!


Thanks for this brilliant proposal.


Welcome. Thanks for supporting it and congratulations on your streak!


Thank you- sorry for the loss of your recorded streak. I agree it's like an extra incentive to stay the course when you see daily what you've accomplished.


I once had a 130 something day streak that i lost because i forgot to do my lesson one day and I did not have a streak freeze. I do think it would be cool if Duolingo had a record of past streaks, BUT that would mean more money spent, which isn't exactly what Duolingo probably needs.


i was going to type something like that when i saw yours great idea hah תודה רבה


Unless you have to show to somebody this streak. Keep it in a notebook, or even in your mind. Better idea is to keep a diary with all your progress.

I lost my 130 days streak by accident, when I had bought a new smartphone and I didn't noticed the time and date. Then I used Duo and noticed that all my streak was lost!. It was like having got fainted but I said to myself okay, keep the streak in your mind. And I keep it. Nothing serious actually.


There is a workaround, though; you can enter your lost streak somewhere on your profile page (for example, in your profile's bio).


Yes, that's a possibility. But theres always the chance of people recording fake streak records in their profile. I could simply write that my highest streak was 1037 days long. If, on the other hand, Duolingo had this feature, no one would doubt the validity on your highest streak.


Now now Diana ....do you really think people would misrepresent their numbers? ( Shock ...disbelief! ) All for the glory of men. ( : ( Yes... I know you are right about this possibility/probability. ) I think PapilioMortis has a great idea. It would definitely help alleviate the sting of losing your personal streak, especially when you thought you had taken all the right steps to maintain it.


how do you do that?


Edit your biography (location or full name) on your profile page? In your profile settings, there's a feature allowing you to make changes (or completely rewrite) your biography, location, etc. on your profile.


However, it is quite hard to phrase it in a way that doesn't make it appear like you are showing off what you once got your streak to. In addition, as Diana pointed out, people could fabricate their streaks to make them seem higher than they actually were. Thanks for pointing it out though, I didn't know about the bio!

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I think that if we knew we could somehow beg, borrow or steal our way to get our streak back that that would be in the back of our minds and would affect our total dedication, as it is, to maintaining a streak. So, maybe not a good idea to have a backup plan. We need to plan ahead, not fix past errors or mistakes. Anyone else feel the way I do? That is until I mess up another streak and I go bawling. :,-0

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