"Die Hochzeit ist normal."

Traduzione:Le nozze sono normali.

July 29, 2017

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LO SPOSALIZIO e non IL sposalizio!!!!!!


I have answered "Il matrimonio è normale" which has been given me as correct also! However, using the word "nozze" which also can be used to indicate a wedding in Italian language but as it is a plural word, it means you need to translate the German singular form of "ist normal" into the Italian plural form of it, which as you know, is "sono normali".  Why in italian language you can use a plural word like "nozze" to indicate one wedding only, well, I don't know, but I think it's to do with the historic origins of the word "nozze" itself! Anyway, the word "nozze" is a bit like when you use the plural forms of "trouser" and "scissor" to indicate a single item but saying it in plural terms like "a pair of trousers" or "a pair of scissors". Similarly, "le nozze" is a plural term but it indicates a single event, but being a plural word, it requires to be followed by the plural of "è normale" which as you know is "sono normali". I hope I haven't left you confused the more, lol


Perché la traduzione "il matrimonio è normale" è sbagliato?


Ist vuol dire e'.matrimonio dovrebbe andare bene.sind e'sono


Allora, in italiano si dice o scrive in plurale, come "le nozze"?

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