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Are computer ads gone?

I haven't seen any ads on the website in a while, about a week maybe. I didn't pay to remove them either. Are they gone?

July 29, 2017



They are not gone for me on the website. In fact, they started adding ads on more and more pages. My guess is A/B tests to see how the ads affect participation.


Apparently not: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23760140 This is a user complaining that the ads are still there even after they paid to remove them.


I always assumed removing ads was just for mobile (and only applied to mobile)? Although I guess for $10 a month I suppose I'd want them off desktop, too.


Oh, you're probably right!


I still get some when I finish a lesson. They used to have some at the bottom of the page in the app but I haven't seen those for a while (thankfully). I appreciate that they seem to be trying to make them noticeable but not outrageously in your face.


I use Firefox with AdBlocker. I'm sure others do as well. I get a space/ area where the ad is supposed to be, but no ad. I am using the site via a PC. Good luck, Duo, if you are doing A/B tests. /s


I've rarely seen an ad but I use my iPad if that makes a difference


There are always ads when I use Duolingo, but I know that there are different configurations depending on where you use Duolingo, what hardware, etc.


I still have them but I don't really notice them.

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