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"I am hoping to have a daughter."

Translation:Je souhaite avoir une fille.

July 29, 2017



what is the difference between the use of souhaite and espére?


souhaiter = to wish; espérer = to hope


Thank you. So "J'espére avoir une fille " is perhaps a better translation?


The accent is wrong. J'espère.

Also, I'd rather mean that I "souhaite" or "veux" a girl in french, rather than hoping. "Espérer" ("j'espère") is a strong word.


That was marked wrong for me.


Is there anyone at DL that would like to clarify the difference between espèrer and souhaiter? The dictionary tells me that hope is espèrer.


I like how it corrects espere to desire, corrects desire to espere, but only accepts souhaite as correct.


I note the explanations given by Rekty here but can a native or someone in the know please clarify?? "Espèrer" and "Souhaiter" are different in meaning. All along my study "Espèrer" has been "to hope"; which is closer to "expecting" than it is to "wishing". So if my wife is already pregnant, we are hoping for a daughter and not just wishing! If I have just done an exam, I hope to pass. I don't just wish. I don't understand what Rekty means by "espèrer" being "strong". When would you use "espère" then? If it means stronger than "souhaiter", then of course that is the case in English as well. Hope is stronger, more realistic than wish; and I imagine that is the intention in this sentence using "hope".


When did hope become wish as in souhaite and espére

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