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Trees in duo lingo go

What are trees in duo lingo and their purpose

July 29, 2017



The 'trees' are language courses. They are the main feature on Duolingo and help so many people learn how to speak another language. They are made up of various language skills and can be added to trees at any time. There are many trees on Duolingo, so you have a wide range of languages that you can choose to learn. Language 'trees' are being added all the time, for example, Czech is coming out in a few days and so is Korean. I hope this helps you understand. : )


All the units in a language make a tree, for example, all the units in the Spanish course make the Spanish tree, every language has its own tree, it can be very long or very short, and there are also 2.0 trees, which are new units that expand the tree.


All of the skills on the home page make up the skill tree, which is the course. Their basic purpose it to teach another language from a certain language (for example, Spanish for English speakers course). The length of the course varies; the Japanese (on iOS and Android) and High Valyrian courses are the shortest, while the Norwegian and Germans trees are the longest ones.

Every so often, the tree will updated into another version (for example, a tree 2.0 or 3.0), where new content and skills are added (all of the old material covered in the old version of the tree remains).


How did you even manage to reach level 12 in the Spanish without knowing or reading what a tree (skill structure) is? :-)

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