"The mayor will never talk about the crisis."

Translation:Thị trưởng sẽ không bao giờ nói về khủng hoảng.

July 29, 2017

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I entered the sentence above, but used "sự khủng hoảng", which was not accepted. Is it really wrong? It should either be added as an accepted solution, or the drop-down hint should be changed, since "sự khủng hoảng" is the only one given.


I suspect this is like thàng công/sự thành công, both are right, but there are exercises here that only will accept one, and I agree if so that needs to be fixed.


In Vietnamese, people refer to what we would in English call a "crisis" with the verbial/gerundial noun khủng hoảng, meaning "dreadful panic". Since khủng hoang is already a kind of noun, sự khủng hoảng is more like the very concept of a crisis, not a specific crisis. So "The mayor will never talk about the crisis" will use khủng hoảng, but "The mayor will never discuss crisis" would use sự khùng hoảng.

Does that make sense?


Why no sự khủng hoảng as elsewhere?


The hints do not have just 'khủng hoảng' and these need to be updated.

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