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Good TV series with German subtitles

Hi all,

Just been learning German the past two weeks and wondering if anyone has any examples of good/popular TV shows that have German subtitles, and also where to find them?

July 30, 2017



If you have Netflix then you can set your language to German which makes it so that more shows have both German audio and subtitles. I don't know why you have to change your language to see them seems like an odd way to go about it


Maybe they want to see how German is spoken in popular media.. its not really an odd thing, I'd do it too.


I meant that having to change your language on Netflix to view in certain languages is an odd way for Netflix to set it up, why not have all languages option available to everyone regardless of their native language ??

I did not mean that watching shows with German subtitles was odd, I am currently doing it myself hence why I know that about Netflix.


Hands down, nothing beats this. It's a soap for learners. Subtitles, glossary, and exercises. And real life speech with a cool story. Don't be discouraged if you don't understand everything at first. You'll learn tons with this. Here's season 1 out of 3:


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