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[WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 30.

Note: Data retrieved on 2017/07/30 at 05:02 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): None.
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

To enlarge the image: Right-click on it then select "Open in a new tab".

(A) This week's value automatically generated from Duolingo's statistics.
(S) This week's value self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.

II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "High Valyrian from English" (Phase 2)

By Dedalvs on 2017/07/28 (full text here)

Naejot Memēbi

Kirimvose to everyone who has participated thus far in the initial beta release of the High Val...

Course "Klingon from English" (Phase 1)

By mizinamo on 2017/07/25 (full text here)

Status update, 25 July 2017

Four months since our last status update, and close to the current published estimated completion...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Updates

See this index of WIUs.

July 30, 2017



Because I just missed the update:

I was told there would be Czech

One skill to finish, and then we are good to lock. The skill in progress is what I showed as the BigBad in the last treeshot. Still the final skill, but now called What the?! (that being the reaction I imagine it will get from many learners).

I still expect to lock and submit the course in July (of this year). But I am giving up on explaing that the official "completion" date is just the guess at the lock. Instead, I am adjusting the official date to be my guesstimate of the actual beta release. August 21. At least I should get the eclipse right.

My next update should bring the lock alert.


I am very excited to try out the Czech course! Thank you and all of the contributors for all of your hard work.


I'm so excited for Czech. :)


An update on Tamil: We expect to reach around 40-50% by October, hopefully.


Three consecutive weeks of progress? Yiddish has momentum!


at 05:02 (UTC)

I sure hope you're on holiday somewhere! ;-)


Nope. ;)
But 5am UTC isn't that early for my timezone.


Always good to see progress on the Klingon course! =)


You have Hindi on a little over 6% and mark it as not self-reported, but the automatically-generated value appears to be 41%.


Our automatically generated numbers aren't a naive copy-paste of the highly inacurate Duolingo's automatic numbers.

See the first of our WIU (see the index at bottom) explaining how are generated our numbers in order to avoid false/wrong/misinformative numbers (like the current automatically generated number) and false variations.

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