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Reading Help Please

Tried reading a children's picture book "Tá mé beag?" (Am I small??) The first half of the book I have below and seems to be describing different ways of calling the main character small. Let me know how I am doing and where I can improve.

Thank you

Seo Tamia. This is Tamia

Ceart! Go díreach! Correct! Exactly!

Tá Tamia fós an-bheag. Tamia is very small.

Mise? Beag? Me? Small?

Tá mé beag? Am I small?

Beag? Tusa? Go bhfuil tú níos lú ná beag! Tá Tú an-bheag! Small? You? You are smaller than small! You are very small!

Tá mé an-bheag? Am I very small?

An-bheag? Tusa? Tá tú mion! Very small? You? You are miniature!

Tá mé mion? Am I miniature?

Tá tú beag bídeach! You are tiny!

Tá mé beag bídeach? Am I tiny?

Beag bídeach? Tusa? Tá tú micreascópacha! Tiny? You? You are microscopic!

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I'd have an issue with the way the book turned a statement ("tá mé beag") into a question just by sticking a question mark at the end, rather than using the correct interrogative form ("an bhfuil mé beag?") - ironically, you actually translated it using an interrogative form in English, even though "I am small?" is the more direct translation, and fairly standard in English. Of course, it's the simplicity of the call and response nature of turning the statement into a question that makes it work as a children's book, but still.

(I also prefer minute or mini for "mion", but that's really just a matter of preference - I wouldn't use "miniature" in a child's book, but "minute" would probably be a cause of confusion for a young reader, and I don't know if "midget" is allowed these days!)

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That's weird - when I opened this discussion, the screen indicated that there was one reply, but it didn't display anything, so I hadn't read patbo's very strong response (which has disappeared again!) when I wrote my response, and scilling's response was posted while I wrote mine.

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The book is nonsense, just bought it on the kindle to check. Autotranslated rubbish!

1 year ago

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There are, unfortunately, a good number of machine-translated 'Irish' books available for the Kindle. Some, like this one, seem to have been written first in English; others are simply a list of phrases. Also unfortunately, there are 5-star reviews from buyers who say they have used this rubbish to learn Irish or to teach Irish to their children or grandchildren.

FYI, Amazon seems not to allow reviews containing words like 'scam' and 'trash.'

1 year ago

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I’d only suggest that fós also be translated in the third sentence.

(I’m surprised that Tá mé … ? was used rather than An bhfuil mé … ? or An bhfuilim … ? in the book’s questions, given that Go bhfuil tú … ! was used.)

1 year ago