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Not enough portuguese -> english exercises?

Hello! I've used Duolingo for a long time now and I used it to successfully learn German some years ago. I returned now to learn Portuguese, but I find lot of changes. Some are good like no more hearts! but other changes are not so good.

The lessons are mostly translating Port -> Eng which is fine if I just want to learn how to understand Portuguese, but if i want to learn how to talk I need waaay more Eng-> Port exercises! They only come up when I do a review (a general review, if I pick a single lesson then is the same Port-> Eng translation exercises from the first time) Is this normal or maybe I need to change some setting on my user? and second.. why would you diminish the number of exercises in the Eng->language direction? There are fundamental if you want to create your own sentences :/

July 30, 2017



It's a very common request here on the forums. Unfortunately Duolingo prefers keeping the courses easy in order to keep as many users as possible. I suggest you start the English for Portuguese speakers course.


Hi Lucia,

try the Memrise courses (PT BR Basic, PT1-7, 50languages.com).

With user scripts enabled like "all typing" from Cooljingle, you will have to RECALL and type every time the L2 Portuguese meaning (either word/phase/sentence), especially for reviews.

The Memrise "Learning mode" (6 steps of planting words/phrases) is still mixed excercises and translation directions on my side.

At this time you can only fix the Duo translation behavior AFAIK if you start the Portuguese-Englisch reverse tree course.
I do not believe that much has been changed from the old Python portal to the new Scala portal code.

Maybe you do not know it already:
On the web you should install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer", which does not only work for reverse tree courses but also on normal/forward courses (e.g EN-PT).
You will additionally get PT audio on right hand side PT answers from (rare) English translation! :-)


Thanks for the tips!! You're right. I'd forgotten about Memrize. I used it some time ago to learn russian :) !

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