"Dov'è la pasticceria?"

Translation:Where is the pastry shop?

March 8, 2013



I think that "Bakery" should be translated as "fornaio".

Otherwise, "pasticceria" as "cake shop" or "patisserie" (I am sure you use the French word) or "pastries (or pastry?) shop"

March 8, 2013


In the U.S. we don't really have a word "cake shop". Do they bake the cakes at what you are calling a "cake shop"? If so, we would call it a "bakery". In your mind, what is the difference between a "cake shop" and a "bakery"? Grazie, Marziotta.

March 30, 2013


In England a bakery has more to do with bread, a patisserie/cake shop more to do with cakes.

April 14, 2013


I'd say that "bakery" is the generic catch-all word for these types of establishments in the US, and then we have "pastries" or "pastry shops" which specialize in cakes/cookies/etc.

June 12, 2013


Fair enough, but why not accept both?

June 12, 2013


"Patisserie" should certainly be accepted (but it's not).

May 27, 2013


In the UK, "patisserie" is understood but is not commonly used apart from in places where they sell fancy French cakes.. There are few shops (and I do mean "few" not "a few") that only sell cakes. If we want bread or cakes and don't want to go to the supermarket, we go to the "baker's". In the same way, if we want meat we go the butcher's.

November 12, 2013

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That baker's and butcher's are possessive, and infer a missing word (e.g., shop). Spoken english is full of ambiguities like this.

February 14, 2015


"Patisserie" was accepted just now (11/3/15).

March 11, 2015


What is wrong with baker's? Bakery is very rarely used in the UK

January 10, 2014


i don't get it. 'bakery' is not correct??

August 19, 2017


"Where is the bakery?" is accepted now.

September 11, 2018


Much of this discussion is off the mark. From a recent visit to Italy, and dictionaries, consider this:

An Italian pasticceria is virtually identical to a French 'patisserie', which specialises in pastries of all kinds. Some are cakes, some are pies, and some are savoury rather than sweet. Because this distinction matters (and because we love the products!) the word patisserie has been an integral part of the English language for decades in Britain. See any recent dictionary. As a result 'cake shop' is seldom used now.

Where I was, an Italian bread seller was 'un panificio', while a baker was 'un forno', though this may simply be a regional variation.

An English bread seller is a baker's shop. The 'shop' is very commonly omitted in speech but not in writing. E.g. "I'll meet you outside the baker's". Most outlets sell both pastries and bread. The name they use defines what they see as their main business. A bread baker is a bakery.

October 3, 2015


it lists cake shop in the vocab list - so annoying!

April 7, 2013


i agree and this has happened to me lots of times. Despite my comments i have not yet received a reply from duolingo which makes it even more annoying

August 21, 2013


"Cake shop" is no longer included in the drop down hints.

August 18, 2014


Disregarding all comments about where the products are actually baked, "patisserie" and "pastry shop" are not normal words in UK English. We all understand what patisserie is but would say cake shop or bakery/baker's.

July 21, 2017


Being from the States, the only word that applies is bakery. This is about as close as ice cream and gelatto, which have some general similarities but are not the same thing. For me, DL gives me much more heartburn on English than Italian.

August 4, 2017


sigh. There's no such thing as a pastry shop. Pastry is that stuff that you use to make a pie. There are no shops that sell it. If you want a cake, you go to a CAKE shop.

September 30, 2017


where is the cake shop is not correct?

March 8, 2013


I would say it is even better. "bakery" = "fornaio"

March 8, 2013


Bakery is panificio, no?

October 6, 2013


yes - in my experience. I know a wonderful one in Italy. Opens at 3.

May 23, 2014


I think "confectioner's (shop)" could be the nearest equivalent.

February 13, 2014


patisserie è francese

August 11, 2017

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The point is, only here "bakery" is not accepted. In other similar questions where "pasticceria" is to be translated, Duolingo happily accepts "bakery". It is the inconsistency which is sometimes maddening. As others have said, "patisserie" in UK has quite narrow meaning, being of course a French word and all, "pastry shop" or "cake shop" do not sound nice, the proper word covering all this is "bakery", even if some may associate it mainly with bread.

August 30, 2017


In another sentence, bakery was accepted as a translation for pasticceria. Why the inconsistency?

October 13, 2017


Thanks for clarifying Marziotta

March 8, 2013


I still can't get straight when to use dove and when dov'e Can someone clarify?

April 15, 2014


Dove means where. Dov'è is actually dove è ie where is. When you have two vowels next to each other like this then you lose the first vowel and use an apostrophe to replace it so dov'è meaning where is.

April 16, 2014



April 16, 2014


In the UK bread & cakes are bought in a baker's (shop is understood)

July 20, 2014



May 27, 2015


Why is it sometimes dov'e and sometimes just dove?

June 22, 2015


Simply 'dove' means 'where', whereas 'dov'è' means 'where is'. It's an elision not to say 'dove è' as it's uncomfortable to pronounce.

June 23, 2015


I entered 'cakeshop' (all as one word) and Duolingo accepted. I always understood 'panetteria' as the italian word for 'bakery'.

January 29, 2017


Store and shop are the same ...

August 16, 2017


"patisserie" was the word given to me as the "correct" answer in english. It is clearly not an english word, even if it might be used in some countries. In the US I have never heard patisserie used.

Bakery should be accepted. It is what we say.

August 20, 2017


I'm from the uk and patisserie may be the most accurate word but you'd be hard pushed to find anyone that would find anyone use that word. Bakery might imply just bread but I'd describe a shop that sells pastries, buns etc as a bakery.

August 22, 2017


In Australia we call it a cake shop or bakery! Patisserie is a French word and French words are very rare in the Oz language!!

September 1, 2017


In an earlier question in this same exercise, bakery was accept as a translation for pasticceria. In this sentence it was not accepted.

It's one thing to say that it would make more sense if we all said pastry shop, but we do say bakery here.

September 4, 2017


why does DL accept 'pasticceria' on some instances, and others it doesn't (scratching my head)?

October 19, 2017


Just before 'book shop' was wrong. Should be 'store'. Now ' pastry store' is wrong. Should be shop'. Confused? Yes.

January 11, 2019


Ghita. Italian/American is a complicated language when it comes to shops and stores etc. I make a note of what Duo want and go with the flow. Best not to get distracted, and frustrated, just enjoy the journey and it all comes clear the more you learn. Tanti auguri...

January 11, 2019
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