Losing hearts and not being to continue has just appeared on my app. This seems to be change for the sake of it, I use duolingo with my classes and this is just off-putting and confusing. It worked without hearts for me, this makes it more stressful. Please don't become like Memrise with silly changes just to keep someone busy.

July 30, 2017


Staff did quite a lot of A/B testing before rolling hearts out to everyone. There was an announcement about it a while back that I can't put my finger on at the moment but the short version is that the data shows the hearts prevent "binge learning" where a user tries to forge ahead as quickly as possible w/o actually learning.

It is a misconception that you can't continue learning after losing all your hearts. You can earn all of your hearts back again in three ways:
- review lessons
- wait for time to pass
- buy hearts with real money

The point here is to encourage people to review or to give the new lessons time to "sink in" before moving on to new material.

The hearts method also forces learners to slow down and review their work before submitting it. This encourages thoughtful learning rather than careless "try it and see if it works" learning.

"try it and see if it works" is an important part of Duo lessons. Sometimes new grammar elements or fixed expressions appear in the lessons without prior explanation, and our best chance to get them right is to get them wrong first.

I agree, 100%. I do it a lot if I can't figure out the answer.

Eventually, though, it ceases to be a good tool for understanding and retention. Though there are, of course, the odd phrases that you just have to memorize because they don't translate well and are seemingly impossible to understand!

If you use a computer or a iPad or a laptop, hearts won't appear. I suggest to use a laptop (like me) so you can take it places, and no hearts.

Hearts or Health?

Why do you guys always use IOS?
Use the Web interface or Android you do not have to struggle around with the IOS A/B testing stuff.

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