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How do I learn albanian?

I really wanna learn albanian but I can't find the right sight, someone help me plz! XxxX

July 30, 2017



I recommend Memrise for basic words and structures, here. Also, do take a look at here, specially radio stations. (I'm particularly fond of Radio.net for an all-in-one radio, they have an app as well.)

My basic plan for learning Irish (where internet isn't teeming with resources) was:

  1. Do the tree on Duolingo
  2. Listen to radio until you have a grasp of the language. Then go to written resources.

Later, I picked up other resources and developed my own methods of learning from them, so that plan was discarded. But I started with the few resources I had at the time, didn't wait for more. You should find an alternative for a Duolingo tree, but start now!

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Please, have a look at the wonderful overviews, Knud van Eeden has made for a lot of languages

And this is the direct link to his overview for Albanian resources
"Can you give some links about Albanian?"


Where you from =^. Xxx


I am from The Netherlands. And where are you from?


It's best not to share your age with anyone online. (And Duolingo Guidelines clearly state not to do so.)


Oh lol okay XD :p


hello! maya621618,im albanian girl also i can teach you my dear albanian to 50 - 60% of a language faster,just if you love to do , find me in instagram profile aidaa_hoxha and message me ☺☺,:)

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