"Mănâncă ce vrei."

Translation:Eat what you want.

July 30, 2017

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Why doesnt the ending of eat have a 2nd person ending?


"Mănâncă" is the 2nd person singular imperative mood of the verb "a mânca" = "to eat." However, I believe that you can also say "Mănânci ce vrei."

I'm not too sure about the difference in nuance. The first one sounds more like a command or invitation, the second one more like "Eat whatever you want."


It is the imperative. The words are written correctly. However, the imperative requires "!" at the end of the sentence. Without the "!" how can a student know it's the imperative?
You can report it.


Is "Eat what you wish for" natural in English? I have never heard it. Wouldn't "Eat whatever you wish/want" sound more natural?

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