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"That does not have any relation with intelligence."

Translation:Cela n'a aucun rapport avec l'intelligence.

July 30, 2017



Why not "relation"? Why is "rapport" preferable?


"relation" is accepted, as well as "lien", yet with their respective genders: "aucune relation" or "aucun lien"


It's the only word that I had that differed, and it did not accept it. "Ce n'a aucun relation avec l'intelligence"


The pronoun "ce" is used with the verb "être": c'est, ce sont.

With other verbs, you need "ceci (this) or cela/ça (that)".

  • That does not have any relation: Cela/ça n'a pas de rapport


relation in French = relationship in English. If you said relation it would imply that X have a relationship with intelligence.


And une relation is often used to talk about a love relation. J'ai eu une relation avec ma secrétaire.


you shouldn't do that! :) sorry, I couldn't resist.


I feel like "Cela n'a rien a voir avec l'intelligence" should be an acceptable answer. Thoughts?

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Does anyone know why the following is marked incorrect? Cela n'a aucune relation avec d'intelligence. The system wants l'intelligence instead of d'intelligence, but aren't both correct?


You cannot use 2 prepositions in a row, like "with of intelligence"

"L'intelligence", with the definite article l'(=la) is required to refer to a global concept, or category of things, etc. when it is considered as a whole.

If you meant "with some intelligence", the French will be "avec de l'intelligence".

If you mean "with intelligence" as an immaterial object, the French will be "avec l'intelligence".


I went with 'Ca ne rien a faire avec l'intelligence' but was was marked incorrect. Fair enough, not the exact translation, but' 'rien a faire' is much more common conversationally amongst French speakers than 'n'aucun rapport', is it not?


"ça n'a rien à voir avec l'intelligence" or "ça n'a aucun rapport avec l'intelligence": both mean "not related to".

"Rien à faire (de)" is different from "rien à voir avec"

  • je n'ai rien à faire = I have nothing to do.
  • je n'ai rien à faire de tes excuses = I have nothing to do with your excuses.
  • je n'en ai rien à faire = I don't care


Thanks Sitesurf. So 'je n'ai rien a faire' is 'I have nothing to do', but 'Ca ne rien a faire' doesn't make any sense. I did not know that, so much appreciated.

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