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I have a question!

I am learning German but I realized that they was something called "classrooms" in Duolingo. I really want to know more about it. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

July 30, 2017



Classrooms are a tool intended to be used by teachers of language classes in schools so that they can give their students assignments and such, as far as I know. However, it is very risky to join a classroom if you are not actually in a class with a teacher you trust, because the teacher of the class can change your password. This is in case a student forget theirs, their teacher can reset it. My understanding is that there are no added functionalities to be gained by joining a classroom, so you need not worry about it, unless you are in a German class and would like to introduce your teacher to this wonderful online tool. Hope that helped!

By the way, I like your profile picture. :)


Thanks and it helped! So I only use Duolingo to learn German, so don't really need to join a classroom?

And he is my dad XD ( just kidding)


No, you definitely don't need to join a classroom!

Enjoy your learning here on Duolingo! See ya 'round!

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