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Why am I getting daily reminder emails?

I have my email set up so that all Duolingo emails go to a separate folder. When I checked today, I had two daily reminder emails from Duo, from yesterday and the day before, both with a "Today’s goal: Learn the skill Basics 1".

What? First, I have daily reminders turned off (I came here and checked). And, I don't need to do Basics 1. It's gold and has been for a while.

So what's going on? Bug, or did I get selected to try out something? Anyone else suddenly getting these?

March 27, 2014

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I get notifications saying that I should do basic 1 in english (from italian), even though I have done it allready, and I have been getting them for some time (and reported it at least once). This happens even if I have points in other languages.

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