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Will there be more lessons for Japanese on duolingo?

I think I will be finished all the lessons for Japanese in a few days and I'm so curious about the new added lessons. When Japanese course raduate from beta will there be more lessons added? Because please be!

July 30, 2017


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I imagine there will eventually, but not for quite a while. The course has to graduate from beta, which has to do with the quality of its current lessons, and we still haven't heard anything about when it will come to the desktop version, which will need to happen, too. There is still a lot of work to do on the current lessons.


In reality the course is basically just still hatching and I'd say there are plenty of bugs they need to fix as well as having it added to desktop and Android (Idk if it's there yet). More courses probably won't be available for a long while, however there are many other online resources you can use to assist with your learning (Although many only really go over the basics). I've also heard many people say that they do the Japanese to English course when they've completed the English to Japanese. I don't know much about how useful that is though, but I'd assume as the course is probably far older and out of beta it'd be worth while.


It's available on Android and iOS. Web is the only platform the course has yet to be released on, beta or not.


Yeah lol I haven't checked in ages.


I hope they work out the bugs and release it soon. :)


Agreed - I love Japanese and would love to learn more of it.


I would honestly be afraid to keep learning Japanese with Duolingo until it's fixed. Right now there are a lot of problems. Not the least of which is を being pronounced "wo" and は being pronounced "ha" in sentences when it should be pronounced "wa".

One of the worst things you can do is learn a language wrong. It gets embedded in your mind and it's hard to undo. Right now there are a number of problems that I can't get past. I think it's more in an alpha state than a beta state at this point.


Japanese isn't even in beta yet. I would imagine there will be extra content added. I don't think it will be doubled but it would be odd if that was it. The course is much shorter than several languages on Duolingo.


I'm sure there will be one day. When? I don't know.


Thanks for filling out the pronunciations, it really helps me.

For those who "finish" early, notice that if you review, there may be more vocabulary than the first time through. So レベルアップ! , install a japanese keyboard and がんばってください!


I hope when Japanese is complete there won't be any lives/hearts , because it would stop be from practicing as much as I do at a time.

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