I was browsing Wikipedia and I came across this language:, otherwise known as Baluchi, Balochi, Baloci or Baluci, is a language spoken in Pakistan and Iran with around 7 million speakers. There are two dialects: Eastern and western.

There's probably not any native speakers (here on Duo, anyway), but I thought it would be worth adding to the Guide.

ISO 639 identifier: bal

If anyone does speak it, or knows any resources, let me know, I found a Memrise course, but that's it. (I didn't look very far, but anyway.)

July 30, 2017


This is the first discussion about Baluchi. Should be added to the languages sticky.

Yep, I'm just hoping Lrtward sees it!

can i ask who Lrtward is bc i posted a discussion and he saw it and commented

*She. And Lrtward is a moderator!

I met online once a speaker of this language but don't know any of it. But it will be good to have a Baluchi course for the few people who do want to learn it

Why do you think there probably aren't any native speakers? It's the first language of more than half the 13 million people of Baluchistan, which only covers part of the territory occupied by Baluchs.

I meant here, on Duolingo, not necessarily in the world. I'll clarify, sorry!

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