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Croatian for English speakers

Any word on if there will be a Croatian course for English speakers? I'm applying for a job out in Croatia, so even though the work is in English, it'd be great to have some of the Langauge to get around and stuff!

Much love, Duolingo babes 8)


July 30, 2017



Languages come out pretty slowly here on Duo... but on Memrise they have free user created courses in many languages Duo hasn't gotten yet. They are not of the same quality of Memrise pro courses and Duolingo though, Can't wait until Duo has 'em all! I hope you like your new job, sretno! https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/croatian/


In addition to the good advice of AntonioSunseri:

Please, have a look at the wonderful overviews, Knud van Eeden has made for a lot of languages

And this is the direct link to his overview for Croatian resources
"Can you give some links about Croatian?"

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