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Haitian creole

I would love a status update for the haitian creole incubator. The status bar has stayed the same. Are the completion dates set by the contributors? Is that accurate. I just can not wait for it to come out, and would like an idea or update on it.

July 30, 2017



It seems like they are not advancing, cause in jrkhal posts, we can see that they haven't moved in a while, but, the colaborators said that they have already completed all words, and that the course will be released by the end of August, so I don't know who should I trust, also, there are 4 colaborators, so maybe the course will be completed faster.


If they completed all words wouldn't it be at 100% and waiting for Duo to do the rest?


The way it works is that the incubator expects a certain number of sentences per newly taught word. Once those sentences exist, the word is counted as complete. It looks like the Haitian Creole team started from scratch, making up their own tree and slowly filling it with skills and words. I think this, because when they started, their percentage was only dropping. The automatically calculated completion progress takes the number of completed words and divides by the total amount. The last update by the Haitian Creole team is meant to say that they now have all the words in the tree that they want to teach, but they still need to add the sentences that will be used to teach those words. The good thing is that that means the incubator's given percentage is more or less correct. If you want more details, you could scroll back through nueby's updates on the Czech course, where (a year or so ago) they explain in great detail how the process works.


I don't know how does the Incubator exactly works, does Duo have something to do with the courses?


Not sure. I hear that a course has to finish, then it's "sent over to Duolingo to finish it". No idea what they do to help, but it most be very important.


I think the most obvious thing is that Duolingo employees are involved in attaching the audio to the sentences.


New contributors to the course appeared recently, so something seems to be happening.

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