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"Dort-il avec ses chaussettes ?"

Translation:Does he sleep with his socks on?

July 30, 2017



I put "Does he sleep in his socks?" I was given the correct answer as "Does he sleep with his socks?" This sounds weird. However when I came to the comments page the the translation has "socks on"


Agreed - He sleeps IN his socks— Maybe he snuggles WITH his socks


I would have said with his socks on or with his socks, not in his socks. I guess it's maybe a way of speaking in your area, or perhaps it's a way of speaking I've not really heard of and neither the incubators. So I'd recommend you report this translation and maybe it will be deemed correct.


"In his socks" sounds more natural to me than "with his socks." The latter sounds like maybe he's cuddling his socks instead of wearing them.


We're not going there. >:(


"In his socks" is a correct usage in American English and should be accepted as a correct translation.


Could also be translated as "does he sleep with her socks?" Which is way funnier.


No -- it's implied that, in a sentence, if there is a possessive pronoun like that, the pronoun belongs to the subject. If it was meant to say "with her socks", it would say "ses chaussettes des elle" or something similar (please verify this example!).


I tried two answers to this, I think both are okay in English. 1) With emphasis on 'He' the question could be phrased "He sleeps in his socks?" 2) "Does he sleep in his socks?". As said in another comment 'with' implies cuddling rather than wearing so 'in' is better in English. I clicked "Report" for both.


Still rejecting 'Does he sleep in his socks?' Which is how I would say this in english


Yes "does he sleep in his socks" should be right.


why not "he sleeps with his socks?"


Dort-il rather that Il dort makes it a question not a statement.


But there was a question mark. It is a valid question construction


It doesn't sound natural in English to say sleep with if you mean he is wearing his socks in bed. You would sleep with your partner, your dog, your teddy bear - implying you are in the same bed, or the same room. With an item of clothing you would sleep in it. At least where I come from.


I agree with the comment below. With his socks on is OK


'Does he sleep in his socks' should be accepted

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