When do I get to translate sentences for the web?

I'm at level 13 of Swedish but I haven't been given any lessons for translating text from the web. Is that still a feature? When I did German back around 2011 I was translating the web before level 8.

Am I missing something?

July 30, 2017


Immersion was removed a few months ago. see here (and I don't think it was ever developed for Swedish anyway)

July 30, 2017

Well, try to learn Portuguese and Spanish :-)

There are the new Duo BETA labs / stories for "intermediate to advanced" learners.

Whereas Matfran told me in another thread that an "upper-beginner" may be able to try to understand them (some?) with a little help.

I already tried 2 stories in Portuguese and I have not finished my Duo tree (but I do Memrise PT1-7 courses + DuoLingo clone course in parallel; PT1-5 and Basic is finished and PT6 is now 40%).

Recently the DuoLingo team had announced launching the #2 series of the BETA Portuguese and Spanish stories on the web (you need to complete the #1 series with *** stars to unlock them).

Hurry up.
We do not know if these BETA labs stories will ever make it (and in what format) into production.

July 31, 2017
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