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New club for hard core French learners

Bonjour :)

Being myself a hard core learner I was trying to find some extra motivation to learn French by joining a club. However, it turned out that in most clubs 90% of the members either stay completely idle or make very small daily progress just to keep that 10 exp./day streak piling up.

Considering the above, I just created a new French club for serious learners, who aim at learning French quickly and efficiently. The rules of the club are simple:

  1. Min 100 exp/day
  2. Min 750 exp/week
  3. Obviously, keep the streak going

At the end of each week I will exclude members who do not follow these 3 simple rules.

I think this way we can gamify the learning process and by competing against each other get that extra motivation, which is so important sometimes.

If you fee like you're up for the above challenge, please join my club:

Club Code: FXBPKE

We start on the 31st of July 2017.

Regards, Serge

July 30, 2017



Sure, why not. I may be busy during these days, but I'll try my best.


about the code...do we have to insert it somewhere, or are we just automatically joined if we say we are?


how do I get in to it ???????????????


I joined. It'll be a challenge some days but I'll give it shot!


The clubs... Are available only for movil telephones?

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