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What is getting a skill gold based on?

What is getting a skill gold based on? I can't seem to get my tree to gold, no matter how many times I do the lessons.

July 30, 2017



It's based on how weak your words are in that skill.

Sometimes, skills might become "stuck" like that (in other terms, they simply don't seem to strengthen). Redoing all of the lessons in that skill might do the trick (for it to become golden).


Thank you, this helped!


No problem; good luck!;D


There is a bug where you cannot strengthen a skill back to gold if that skill only contains one lesson. These skills can only be regilded by re-doing the lesson again. This has been arround for quite a while now.


Just Always reado the skills. If this doesn't work, try readoing one skill over and over and the last time do it as good as possible. Then, if you Always do the words of this skill right, it might stay gold for a very long time (like with me. I can do the words of basics 1 very good because it's so easy, and when i strenghtened it and almost never got words wrong it Always stayed gold!).

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