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"¿Necesito usar una tarjeta de seguridad o llave para el portón?"

Traducción:Do I need to use a security card or key for the gate?

July 31, 2017

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¿No debería ser "Do I need to use a security card or A key for the gate?"?

La "llave", en inglés, debería llevar artículo indeterminado ¿no?

Un saludo (2017 08 16).


You're right. Unfortunately, our Report a Problem option no longer take corrections, which is a shame.


Thanks for your answer.

Regards (2017 11 26).


What is the difference between gate and door? Why can't I use door in this sentence?


In very simple terms, a door (puerta) relates to inside and a gate (portón) relates to outside. In this case you can't use door because the question is relationed with the outside of a house

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