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90 Day Challenge Week 8 Updates


If you are doing the 90 Day Duolingo-only challenge, you can post your week 8 updates here.

I officially lost my 61 day streak yesterday because of carelessness, however that won't stop me from learning! I have learned a lot in the past two months from just using Duolingo. While it isn't ideal for learning grammar, it is strong on repetition with vocabulary and forming basic sentences. In two months, this is what I have learned: https://youtu.be/PInk52sHJDM

To be honest, I didn't even know how to say "hello" when I started this challenge.

I realized that I spelled mieszka wrong after uploading the video... Polish spelling can be very difficult!

What progress have you made this week? Has your style of studying changed from month 1 to 2?

July 31, 2017



I nerded out on High Valyrian.


Yes, It has, I've reached level 10 in many languages, and I've learned a lot in this week, I won't be able to do the same number of skills in the next weeks, cause my vacations will end tomorrow, but I'm still making good progress here! Yay!


That's great to hear! Studying time definitely fluctuates during the year, but if you're even able to find a little bit of time then that's good (:


Thanks, I hope to continue as good as I did it in vacations, good luch to you to!


Once you get into a routine, it should be easier to find time! Thank you!


Last week I learnt words about animals, geography and three new cases. And I started making good notes about Hungarian cases.


Wow, three new cases?! It must get confusing with all the cases you have been learning. That's great that you're able to take notes on them and hopefully sort them out (:


I admire your dedication!


I haven't been doing the 90-day challenge with you guys, but I still keep track of your progress via these posts.

A few weeks ago I started studying Greek in earnest; as I only basically learnt to read it a couple of years ago. I must say that my Greek vocabulary and grammar have grown exponentially in the fairly short time that I've been studying it.

The experience has been intense, but rewarding! I hope this break from my Polish studies serve my brain well when I get back to them after conquering the Greek tree on Duolingo.

Let us continue to flourish in our respective language studies, and continue to inspire, motivate, energise, and encourage each other to ever higher linguistic heights!


That was wonderfully said! The Duolingo community has been super supportive and encouraging towards each other, which I am so happy to see. It's communities like this with their positivity that make language-learning a little bit easier. I'm so glad you wrote this (:

If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on the Greek tree? When I was deciding which language to pick for the challenge, I was between Polish and Greek. I went with Polish because I've wanted to learn it for a long time and I knew speaking to my grandmother would be a motivating factor to keep studying. I may try the Greek tree eventually (Korean is coming out soon and Japanese came out this summer, so I really want to dive into them) but I wanted to know your thoughts on how the information is presented, if you find the vocabulary useful, etc. Is the alphabet taught through Duolingo, or would you recommend learning it beforehand?

Best of luck with both your Polish and Greek studies! I hope your brain is able to get the rest it needs!


Indeed. We need to keep on sharing experience and knowledge between all learners of language.

The Greek tree is fantastic thus far. I have done twenty-two skills so far, and the next one I'm going to start doing soon is Adjectives.

From the start, the Greek from English course here has been incredibly helpful. In the first few lessons, they repeat instructions on how to add a Greek keyboard to one's computer.

The very first skill immediately deals with the Greek alphabet. In the Notes section, they break down the alphabet and its letter combinations and sounds. Then in the lessons of the first skill, one has so much practice with identifying the letters. The only thing that I found confusing is that they say "Translate the following...", but sometimes they actually want you to transcribe the given question.

I would recommend simply going over the alphabet in the Notes section and if need be, look online for others takes on the alphabet. I could already read Greek when I started, so I could get right into it. They explain it straight-forwardly, clearly and concisely.

The Notes are quite thorough in my opinion, and the presentation of the grammar is executed well. I just had to make a few adjustment to the tables at times to suit my personal learning style.

In all, I think the course is great so far, and it doesn't demand too much of the learner. The lessons are enjoyable and insightful, the vocabulary is thorough, sufficient and relevant (they sometimes include vocabulary not featured in some other courses here, going the extra mile), and they even included a skill on the names of the parts of speech in Greek!

(It's good that you started with Polish because it introduced you to grammatical cases...of which Greek mercifully only has four!)

I hope you continue to grow in your Polish studies, and that you continue to have an enriching experience with such an amazing language!


Thank you for such a thorough explanation of the Greek tree. This is exactly what I needed to hear! Perhaps I will try it out in the future. There are so many trees that I am looking forward to learning from, such as the Japanese and Korean trees, but maybe someday I will try Greek. I'm glad to hear that it's a good course! People will probably get a lot out of it (: I also did not know that Greek has grammatical cases...but hopefully by then I'll be somewhat used to them!

Thank you for your kind words! I hope you continue to grow in your Greek studies and future language endeavors as well (:

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