"We run"


July 31, 2017



I know that saying the pronoun may not be necessary, but shouldn't 'sisi tunakimbia' also be accepted?


Yep. Report it!

Basically, for every sentence, an explicit subject pronoun should be allowed (as long as it's possible and not, for example, represented by a full noun). Also, object pronouns should also be allowed where possible and object prefixes should always be allowed or omitted as per context (and not exclusively required in the object prefix unit and nowhere else).

For example, for "I love you", all of the following should be allowed:

mimi ninakupenda
ninakupenda wewe
mimi ninakupenda wewe

As well as all the possible forms where the object is "ninyi" (and including "nyinyi" and both the -wa-eni and -ku-eni forms)

And I'd also allow the informal but common forms such as nakupenda and mi nakupenda (although I accept arguments for not making their inclusion a priority at this stage) so that ends up with a lot of different correct answers for most sentences. The creators have got their work cut out for them.

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