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"Two sharpeners and seven notebooks."

Translation:Două ascuțitori și șapte caiete.

July 31, 2017



It is doua ascutitoare or doi ascutitori make up your mind.


Tony713682, ascuțitoare is the singular form of the noun, and ascuțitori the plural form (for that little tool used for sharpening pencils). I understand your joke is for making up up learner minds... Sweet.


douä ascutitori is wrong. i lived there fpr 20 years. douä ascutitoare is correct


Why 'doua' and not 'doi' should be used here?


I am struggling with the exact same thing, since Romania is my second language, and I visit Romania every summer to meet my grandparents, I always ask my grandparents that. They said something about it 'sounding better' or something, but I still don't get it. I usually just chance it and say either 'doua' or 'doi' but most of the time I end it getting it wrong lol. Maybe do some research on it or something.


Don't worry about that. That's a problem on the perfection level. The main aspect to speak and learn a language is to be understood by other (native) speakers. You can ignore about 80% of grammar and tenses and still would be understood by a good speaker. For example I can give you a sentence that is totally wrong: yesterday i go trainstation and meet nice lady, tomorrow i go trainstation again maybe i see nice lady again. This sentence is only in present tense and i did not inflect a single word, but it's clear to everyone what I was trying to tell. A native speaker will always be able to tell if you are a native or not. So, don't bother :-)


Sadly Duo is not so tolerant. :(


Because "ascuțitori" is a feminin noun


Singular. Feminin:o Masnulin:un Neutru:un

Plural. Feminin:două Masculin:doi Neutru:două


dictionary says it is male https://dexonline.ro/definitie/ascu%C8%9Bitor i think both genders exist


o ascuțitoare/două ascuțitori - feminine noun. Your citation is for a different noun, a bigger tool.


ASCUȚITÓR, ascuțitori, s. m. Persoană specializată în ascuțițul uneltelor tăioase. – Ascuți + suf. -tor.

This means the man that sharp some things


i use tocilar/ tocilară now. :-)


2 sf Aparat (mic) cu care se ascut creioanele


i see it too now, thx for pointing it out

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