Suprisingly to me there is no Malagasy thread already, so I came here to say I would love a Malagasy course.

Malagasy is an Austronesian language spoken in the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa.

July 31, 2017


Please Duolingo, add Malagasy! If you need I have a locar Madagascar person that can help on that.

Invite them to apply to help build the course!

Yes we need malagasy course :) Please

Hope Duolingo will get a malagasy course very soon :)

I would love to see a Malagasy course! There was this thread, which is certainly worth a read. It looks like it couldn't be added to the official request list owing to lack of clarity as to what variety was being requested.

Yes please teach Malagasy!

I vote for malagasy too, thx!

A Malagasy course would be sooooo great! <3

Please add a Malagasy course, Duolingo!

I think a Malagasy course would be much appreciated. The only thing is, many people don't know the beauty of Madagascar and their languages.

I would really like a Malagasy course

Is it hard to learn?

I speak Filipino and learning Indonesian. I would love to learn another Austronesian language that is unique and exotic.

And 2 years later - still nothing? I would love to speak with my wife in her native tongue - but she does not like the idea at all, so I have to find a workaround ...

Would love Malagasy!!

Sound good to me, I wouldn't min learning a new language. I think it would be quite good if Duolingo broadened their horizons to a language lesser known. Great idea.

Please make a Malagasy course!

Yes, we definitely need a Malagasy Course. I will never can travel to the Klingon Empire but I want to visit Madagascar.

Yes! Please make a Malagasy Course! That would be so awesome!

Omg yes! That would be amazing!!! It’s my dream to one day study Madagascar’s wildlife and I would love to learn Malagasy in advance!!

I would want to go to Madagascar too!

Please, could you add Malagasy to you list of languages! I know Madagascar has many languages but if you could teach the one most spoken across the island, that would be a great asset to travellers wanting to explore this fascinating place!

Madagascar is a country I love with all my heart, and I would love to learn its language. I understand that it's not really a very well-known language so there might not be a lot of requests, but it would really make me extremely happy to be able to learn Malagasy on Duolingo.

Yes! We need a Malagasy course! I have been wanting to learn for a long time but I can’t find any avenues on learning aside from asking family members

I think Malagasy on Duolingo would be great! Not to mention it’s been three years, please add it duolingo.

There is a racial bias against African languages on Duolingo. True global communication requires moving being comfortable boundaries to the unknown, unfamiliar or marginalized. Offering a Malagasy course is within the competency of Duolingo, if they decide to take their mission seriously.

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