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  5. "Erwäge es."

"Erwäge es."

Translation:Consider it.

July 31, 2017



Would 'Ziehe es in Betracht' work?


Yes, the sentence "Ziehe es in Betracht" is grammatically correct. Maybe it is not in the list of Duolingo, but I think it should be valid.

Here are the constructions in case you want to adress another "you":

  • "Ziehen Sie es in Betracht." for the formal you for singular and plural ~ Sie

  • "Zieh/Ziehe es in Betracht" for the informal singular you-form ~ du

  • "Zieht es in Betracht" for the informal plural you-form ~ ihr

(I have changed my comment, now it fits to your corrected one.)


Sorry, Ich habe einen Tippfehler gemacht.

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