Comments disappear when posting

In the last few minutes, a couple of comments I've posted have disappeared without a trace instead of being successfully posted. One page, when refreshed, turned into a 404 error and the discussion forum wouldn't load once. It seems to be working sporadically.

Anyone else having this issue, to able to update on the status of any current problems?

10:20 GMT 31.7.17

July 31, 2017


Today, about 25%* of the time when I try to load forum pages they 404.

This is not because they're not there. Sometimes a page will load, sometimes not. There is no consistency to which will load and which won't.

My conclusion is that either Duolingo have introduced a bug, or that they are doing stuff with the database behind the scenes, or their servers are overloaded, or, well, something is wrong at their end somehow.

* I'm probably exaggerating slightly, I didn't make a precise count of pages which loaded and pages which didn't, then calculate a percentage. But anyway, there's a huge slowdown on loading anything. And (perhaps because of that) I'm getting inconsistent 404s.

[4 hours later it seems fixed for me now. :) ]

July 31, 2017

Yes!! I thought this was just me. It is also taking ages just opening a post.

July 31, 2017

They mentioned recently that they're revamping the discussion board, and since everything else was functional that may be what was going on.

July 31, 2017

Apparently there was an issue around that time.

July 31, 2017
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