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My Lingots for a BREAK, please!!

So I decided to busy myself with keeping the tree gold. I can have just worked on a topic and the next day it is colored again. I have 6 very recently refreshed topics--yesterday and a couple definitely within 48 hours--that want my attention before getting to harder topics I want to get to that I haven't got to since investing in a gold tree. Please can I spend some lingots..I don't care if it is 50--for a week of leaving the tree brought to un-gold back to level 4 to get to serious TENSE work that is at level one?
I mean, I do not have untold hours, nor untold processing power, to devote to all the work on all the topics that want attention.

So please, can I buy some peace to finally catch up?? Thank you.

For the record, I usually over-do a section, even after receiving 5/5 so I won't have to go back for awhile, but there are some I am always called to repeat, like Feelings, and a couple of others where I cannot do a review (strengthen), but must do the individual sections over, due to the program not progressing me beyond a question I have answered.

This is just frustrating and I really, really, want you to just FREEZE my tree for awhile--however many lingots you want for this.

July 31, 2017



How about instead you just don't redo those ones purely because they are not gold ? There is no rule saying your tree has to be entirely gold or that you have most certainly forgotten subject when it is not. So just only do the ones that you know need reviewing and leave time for the lessons you need to do like tense work. You are letting a colour hold back your learning.


I think all this stuff with needing to have a "gold" tree, is just nonsense, time is wasted if you review easy things like basics one just to get it gold, when you could work on something you have trouble with. Duo should just remove the "gold" on the trees, as it just distracts learning.


Well, I agree with all of you but I was following threads where people were invested in having gold trees and then I, too, found it was kind of cool to look at all the gold. But yeah, I now think I am shortly headed off to other sites to get a better grammar work out. I wanted to maintain a gold tree while catching up with all the tense work and finishing the last few subjects.


With Spanish, probably four years ago, I started keeping a notebook of the sentences and English translations. Now I write down sentences when I'm really stuck. I started Duolingo when the sentences were much more complicated than they are now. It helped me remember to write the words down and to slow down. I have at least 20 notebooks of Duolingo sentences. In addition, I have been taking regular Spanish classes, playing a Spanish crossword on my phone, and working with a Spanish dictionary and so on. Now, I'm at a place where I check the t ree and hit the colored spots until it's gold again. Generally, my tree stays gold now, but I've reached an intermediate level of fluency and I don't need to write down the sentences to get through the Duolingo drills. I still struggle with understanding real-time Spanish conversations, but my environment is primarily English.


Really good ideas. Thank you. I am listening to online radio which mostly passes me by until there is a program where someone speaks more slowly, but it is helping my ear. Still, most of it does blow past me. Luckily there is a lot of good French music (Really it has its own style!) that provides reinforcement.


You're welcome. Something I've not tried yet is News in Slow ... For you, I guess it would be, https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/ About getting the tree gold, ... I think starting from the top and mastering each one probably is what you need to do. For me, it's a bigger deal (now) to keep up with a daily drill. I had a couple of years in my day count and then lost it when I had gotten busy. The admin. offered to sell me my streak back for $$ and I actually gave that a lot of thought, but wound up going back to 0, because it wasn't really my streak. Hah. Also, I think the gem system is designed to add an element of chance and encourage daily attendance. Not sure how valuable the lingots will be after the gem system becomes fully operational.


Ah...nice support. I am spending a lot of time today, trying to go for broke, but...my eyes are drying out. And I am starting to make too many mistakes. That said, WHERE Is the grammar instruction for the tenses? I am in there blind...well, I said that, with the dry eyes ;-) , but also because I am just using duolingo to learn grammar at this point.

Hm. What if lingots were like bitcoins? ha ha ha!

If I could just do two old grammar tenses, hit a new one and then get to the bottom three for a lovely gold tree...but.... I am dying!!! ;-)


Duolingo seems to be designed to simulate natural learning, using inductive lessons rather than deductive ones. Now that you are further along, it might help to pick up the grammar using an online dictionary and check out the conjugation table. Run a Duolingo drill and then map out the subject pronouns that have not been used and work out the conjugations that way. I always use Duolingo with other sites. The youtube online videos are numerous. In Spanish, Senor Jordan is great; there must be a counterpart in French and in other languages. I think the gaming aspect of Duolingo is what keeps me loyal to the program, but I know there are other ways to round out what Duolingo is doing. And, with that said,. Duolingo is trying some new things, to make it more in-depth than the sentence drills and the tree ... so look around, and figure out what you need, why you're doing this and how to fill in the gaps in your own priorities. I figure language acquisition is a life-time hobby and this is one place to work with that hobby.


An easy way to get subject sections Gold again is to do the "strengthen skills" on the computer. One round can often turn a few lessons back to gold. For intense grammar in French, try Kwiziq - not free but an exceptional language program.


Yes, thank you. I use my laptop to do these lessons and often the "strengthen" exercises won't move forward for certain themes, so I am reduced to multiple "redos" before I get to 5/5.


So today I would have to bring 10 themes up to Gold, in order to go forward, if I want my tree Gold. I must stop wanting a Gold tree. The problem is, if I let it go, it takes longer to bring it back to Gold. Well, I guess I am not going to leave with a Gold tree. Thanks for all your responses, and the couple of people who sympathized enough to leave lingots. Merci beaucoup. lol. Just realized I kept capitalizing "gold." Influenced by living in Germany.


I do a minimum of 5 items a day, and ensure I always do one new one. Some days that means I do 4 strengthens, but those are often areas that need work. That way I am moving forward all the time, but the tree is mostly gold. I generally do the tree from the top one, so most days I am strengthening at least a couple of items that I have done recently.


Thanks for your support in saying how you cope. ;-) Still, wouldn't you all love to freeze your gold for a short time? I really would!!


it would be nice, however my brain probably doesn't work that way. Duolingo isn't perfect, but they are trying to match how we learn most effectively, and on this I believe them.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea what to do with lingots...


Well, I agree with you in part. And yes, the lingots are worthless. I am hoping they become Bitcoin, however. ;-))

But still, I have 9 units they want me to address this morning. 9! If I don't address them quickly, they will require even more review, as I lose more bars.

When I look at the words I haven't used in some time, they are not even in the themes they want repeated, so...


Just let go of the idea you need to address all 9. What I find is that some days, only 1-2 have decayed, others it can be more (7 this morning). I will have 3 when I am done, so probably 5-6 tomorrow, but it will get caught up within a week.

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