"Bēgro raqiros uēs issa."

Translation:The trout's friend is a squid.

July 31, 2017

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We have a word for something as specific as "trout"? :D


Because of House Tully ;)


This is actually exactly why I included it in the course.


I said "trout's friend is a squid" and its wrong because i didnt put THE in the beginning... but fish are friends is an accepted phrase


"Fish are friends" is plural; "Trout's friend is a squid" is singular. You can't say that in English unless Trout is a name (like baseball player Mike Trout).


What about "the squid is the trouts friend"?


Not with this intonation.


Again this harkens back to old alliances in the book, between the riverlands and the iron islands, i was assuming that much like the books, calling a Stark and Wolf was interchangable and I thought they were meaning that here. Because in the animal kingdom the trout and squid would not be friends nor allies. One would be dinner. So hence why this is confusing as most of the characters even refer to themself as their sigils (if they be animals) such as Viserys calling himself the Dragon, and Robb Stark, the Wolf in the North. I take this phrasing to mean a Tully's (Trout's) friend is a Greyjoy (Squid)


Sure, but notice in your own sentence you used "a" (i.e. "A Trout's friend is a Squid"). The issue isn't with the capitalization or the intended referent of the animal: it's with the lack of an article. You use it even when you're referring to the sigil (e.g. it's "The Dragon has three heads" not "Dragon has three heads", as well as "Fire cannot hurt a Dragon", not "Fire cannot hurt Dragon").


Chicken good...

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