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German books

dear all,

I am living in a developing country, which does not have a possibility for shipping from amazon books. Could you kindly refer me to any source where I could download in german language books/stories/novels.

Thank you.

July 31, 2017


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Take a look at Project Gutenberg's German bookshelf, or their complete list of available works in German. All free and legal :).



There are a few free ebooks in Amazon and also paid. This is one from Project Gutenberg https://www.gutenberg.org/files/35794/35794-h/35794-h.htm


Both Nook and Kindle have ebooks available in German. The positive of those would be that although you would have to pay for the ebook itself, the audio books for some are on Youtube.


Give wikisource and freilesen a shot for books/novels, nachrichtenleicht (easy) and DW (more advanced) for news.

...why not stories on wattpad? It's written by amateurs, but I think it's an interesting source.

Keep on learning! :)

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