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  5. "Ce chien est blanc."

"Ce chien est blanc."

Translation:That dog is white.

March 8, 2013



how do i know if "ce" means this or that??


It may be either; both are accepted.


So why was "this" incorrect? As in "This cat.."


I can'r differentiate the pronunciation of Blond and Blanc in the masculine form...


Blond, mon, on, ont, font, mont all have the same end sound. It is a nasal sound.

Blanc, an, sans have the same end sound as the 'an' in manger. It is another nasal sound.

(Native french speakers, please correct me if I'm wrong!)


So is it just a matter of knowing you have 'blond' people and 'blanc' animals or what?


It is more a matter of picking up the right sounds. Blond and blanc do not sound the same!


I assume the "d" in Blonde would be pronounced whereas in "Blanc" it sounds the same without the "d" emphasis


If it's maculine the D is not pronunciated so blanc and blond,you just have to train your ear to hear the suddle difference. If it 's female, well that would be easy blonde and blanche.


Since this is a language post I want to clarify your English( not meant to insult you especially not because your explanation is so good): pronounced instead of "pronunciated" and subtle not "suddle".


How would I know whether to use "ce" or "cet" in a sentence? What is the difference?


You need "cet" if the following noun is masculine and starts with a vowel sound (vowel or non-aspirate H):

  • ce chien
  • cet homme
  • cet arbre (tree)


any tips one when ca is used? thanks


J'aime ça. I like this/that.

Ça ne fait rien. It doesn't matter.

Ça is used freestanding whereas ce/cet/cette usually has to point to something in the same sentence: j'aime ce chien=I like this/that dog.


Other than context how do we know if it is ce or sa?


"sa" is a feminine possessive, meaning his or her female dog

"ce" is a masculine demonstrative, meaning this or that dog.


So, in English, you refer to blond hair or blond wood. I would never call a yellow dog a blond, nor would I call a black dog a brunette. Is it the same way in French?


Yes, I think it is similar in French. Un chien noir (black), un chien doré / jaune (yellow).

une fille blonde = une blonde (blond) une fille brune = une brune (brunette) une fille rousse = une rousse (redhead) une fille châtain = une fille châtain (brown/chestnut)


Thanks, Sitesurf. Every time I refresh this particular sentence, I make the same mistake with the blond/blanc. Now with the context, I will at least never make that mistake again.


I heard "blanc" as something close to "leon" which made no sense, but I listened to it about 5 times. I definitely did not hear a "b"


Too bad we can't see the girl speaking: you would see her lips tightening at the beginning of the word...


Given how many weird things I've heard with the lady's pronunciation (mostly like sounding the s in "plus tard" and other random words) so far I wouldn't be surprised at anything she does or doesn't do. She has a beautiful voice, but these things are strange. I lived in Paris for a year and I never heard a native speaker sound the s in "plus tard".


Best research I've heard all week. My only strategy is to think of the words we've already learned and try to match one to the sound.


So "ce" can be this or that?


Yes, unless the sentence contains a full comparison: ce chien-ci est blanc et ce chien-là est noir.


What about "these"? Is it still CE?


No, the plural of "ce chien" is "ces chiens".

"ces" is the masculine or feminine, plural demonstrative adjective.

singular forms:

  • ce, masculine in front of a word starting with a consonant sound: ce chien
  • cet, masculine in front of a word starting with a fowel sound: cet ami, cet homme
  • cette, feminine singular, all nouns: cette chienne, cette amie, cette habitude


i had written "ce chienne est blanche" and it was marked incorrect?? are the pronunciations not the same?


Also, the female dog is cette [seT] chienne (ending sound [ieN]


Why not cet chien


"Cet" is reserved for masculine words starting with a vowel sound:

  • Cet homme
  • Cet adorable chien
  • Ce chien adorable


I hear "chat" instead of "chien" i don't know if it's just me

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