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Language retention from your tree

Hello everyone,

I just finished the Romanian tree averaging about two hours per day over 41 days. About halfway through the course, I realized that there were some youtube videos on the Romanian language that would have given me a much better base to utilize duolingo. But I did not have enough time to study that material and start over on duolingo.

I am aware of but not knowledgeable on spaced repetition learning. Because of time constraints before a potential trip next month, I decided to just go fast as possible through the Romanian tree. Some questions I have are:

1 Does duolingo incorporate SRS into the courses? 2 How much of the course material should I expect to have retained the first time around? 3 Any other good sources for SRS learning?

If my Romanian trip ends up being cancelled, I plan to start the Spanish tree and put further Romanian study off until next year.


July 31, 2017


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