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What will happen if I don't learn for 2 days and my streak day be 0??

I wanna go some where and I won't have access to Internet for 2 days, what will happen if my streak days get finish?

July 31, 2017



Nothing will happen, you just won't have a streak


I was at a camp for a week with no internet access. Nothing really happened except that i lost my 32 day streak. things may become unstrenghtened but not alot of things as you will only be gone for 2 days. Also you only have a 3 day streak it's not a big deal.


If you wanted to keep your streak alive, you would have a solution.

For example: no connection from Friday night to Sunday night. You do a lesson before leaving (it can be in the morning) and you buy a streak freeze in the lingot store. So Friday: you have reached your goal. Saturday: the streak freeze takes care of it. Sunday night: you do a lesson before midnight, and you are safe.

  • Friday: 8 AM
  • Saturday: streak freeze
  • Sunday: 11 PM

You see, you can even go for more than 48 hours. 72 hours is the limit (Friday at 0:01 AM to Sunday at 11:59 PM).


Wow! thank you so much :)


Nothing will happen. With me, I just each day get more and more streaks. First i have 0. Then one. Then two. Then three. Till about six or five. Then, when i don't practice on the last or last two days of the week, i get 0 again, and so on. It doesn't matter and nothing will happen.


Great! thanks my friend :)

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