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XP points for Tiny Cards

I wish very much we could get XP points for using Tiny Cards and have those points go toward our daily streaks. It is a HUGE help in learning a new language for me. Some days, it's all I can work on because I'm just mentally stuck. Is there any chance this could happen?

July 31, 2017



I think its a great idea but should only apply to the language related card decks. I do hope duo will add this someday but for now we will have to wait in see.


I dont think it could happen but it would be pretty cool


I do use tiny cards and I really do find it boring but if there were like lingots or day streaks and stuff
wold make it better so I can carry on using it because I don't really use it as much anymore because I find it boring


I've always done well with flash cards...even when I was a kid in school and college. So the tiny cards are great for me. I just wish they had XP points and I could use them to keep my streak. :)


I was receiving 5x per tiny card session until about two or three days ago. I don't know why they are not showing up now.

This is not a good development!!!!! I had come to depend heavily on tiny cards to help me to learn the words.


I get credit, 5 XP points, on my Android phone, but not on iPad or iPhone. Don’t know why.


i am working on my MacBook and am not receiving points. I will pay close attention the next time i am on my PC.


yeah I sertantly agree


that would make it more fun


Hey all, it looks like this has happened, or I'm part of a beta because I get 5xp in Duolingo for each card set I do now. I just noticed it today.


I just noticed that I stopped getting points from Tiny Cards a day or two ago.


i will NOT be happy if they remove that feature!!!! I used tiny cards heavily and they helped significantly for me to recall the meaning of the words.


I think they discontinued that. I no longer get XP on Duolingo for my tiny cards exercises.


Me too. I no longer earn XP points with Tiny cards when using the app or online. Duolingo should explain why. It is unprofessional and disappointing that they haven’t.


i wish that they would put it back.

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