Je commande

Je commande. I Always get mixed up with this. Sometimes I get the answer right when i write 'i am taking charge', sometimes when i write 'i am taking order', sometimes 'i am in charge' or 'i order'! Maybe it is just 'i order' or one of the others, but i still get so confused with these! Can anybody give me some tips or does anybody else get confused with this?

July 31, 2017


what do you mean?
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Hi there, native speaker here. "Je commande" can mean both, so, it just depends on context :) It's simple present, so the english translation would be "i order / I'm in charge" but it's also correct to use continuous present (if that's the correct name of the tense) : I'm taking order. (which can also be translated by "je suis en train de commander" if you wanna put the emphasis on the fact it's being done at the moment, as you speak.

"I'm taking charge" would be more something like "Je prends les commandes" (i'm at the moment in the process of taking charge of the situation). "Je commande" is an established fact : "at the moment and/or in general, i'm in charge".

Without any context you can't know if it's about taking order at the restaurant or being in charge of something^^' Hope it helps :)

Put this in the French forum :)

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