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I have a cure for the decaying epidemic

I think I (Doctor Bob) have found a cure for the decaying epidemic.

It's a disease that affects trees harshly, decaying them quickly before anyone has a chance to fix them, and the tree can't grow higher because of the disease.

Here's my solution!

I tried Portuguese a few months ago (I'm holding off for a while until I get level 25 in Spanish) and my tree contracted the epidemic.

I kept progressing and strengthening until it got out of hand, so I didn't move on. It has since been cured, but it definitely took a while.

Now for the past week I've been doing Norwegian and I realized:

The cure is simple.

Grow your tree a bit every few days. Then take a day or two only strengthening, and if there's nothing to strengthen, use the overall strengthening button on the right side. Only do strengthening.

I've noticed it only affects young trees, so if you do this for the first third or half of the tree (or less) you should be fine for the rest of it, but still be consistent.

~Doctor Bob

July 31, 2017



It sounds great for keeping the tree alive, but do you also believe it's the best way to learn a language?


For a beginner, yes. Refresh what you've learned before learning more to get a solid foundation.

Then you can rush it and use various sources and likewise.


Why wouldn't it be? Progressing, then reviewing? What's wrong with that? Certainly better than how I do it...


@Multi0Lingual: I don't know, nor do I understand the aggressive tone. It's more important to use Duolingo for learning a language than to keep a tree gold, which is why I asked the question. I never ever gave an opinion myself.


It wasn't an aggressive tone, actually.

And of course it's important to use Duo for learning a language. I kind of think the people who want to keep their tree gold are being overzealous, but that's my opinion.


Okay. I don't really learn on Duolingo anymore, so that's why I asked. Yes I completely agree with you on that one, more emphasis should be focused on the language than the tree.

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