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"I would like you to make your bed."

Translation:J'aimerais bien que tu fasses ton lit.

July 31, 2017



I entered "Je voudrais que tu fasses ton lit." which was accepted.

How does one know when to use "Je voudrais" vs "J'aimerais bien" ?


Je voudrais sounds like a wish. If my mom told me this, I would answer Et je voudrais un million de dollars. You can use it for orders, but it sounds really formal. It's the expression traditional teachers use, or people in a fancy restaurant/hotel...

J'aimerais bien is more casual. You shouldn't use it in formal situation, but you use it with your family/friends. You can also use it for wishes, but achievable ones J'aimerais bien aller à la plage for instance.


Thanks for your explanation. It's so nice to have native speakers comment.


Je voudrais sounds a little bit stricter, though the difference is not so big compared to the difference it makes depending on how you say it, so you can use both indistinctly.


Actually I'm thinking of some situations where it makes a difference. If you ask a waiter "Je voudrais du pain" as he forgot to bring some, it will sound nicer than "j'aimerais bien du pain" which will sound more ironic and a bit mean. I think "j'aimerais bien" is a way to avoid saying directly to someone you're giving an order, so sometimes it can make you sound like someone who isn't really sincere.


That's very subtle, and very educational! Merci.


I want you to do your bed (not to use in a more forma environnement or at work) vs I'd like you to do your bed, the same different.


Most people don't have beds at work anyway!


please remind be about the use of "bien"in this sentence


How would the meaning differ if "bien" was not there?

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