Something that is really annoying.

I don't like it when something is annoying, no one does I bet, but this is really annoying. When I'm doing my duolingo, I type fast. When I type fast I usually have a problem with duolingo. If I type fast and miss one letter in a word (Example: today I typed "it is har" when it said "wrong answer" [it was supposed to be "it is hard/es duro"] since I'm on Spanish) so it really bugs me when that happens and duolingo is so strict about it. It used to say "Correct" as in I was close enough. I also might miss spell and then auto correct comes in and sabotages my answer (I'm on Mac). couldn't you make duolingo a little less strict and make it close enough like it used too? if so thanks :)

July 31, 2017


Ugh this happens to me all the time!! Also nice profile picture |-/

July 31, 2017


August 2, 2017

that happened to me too, every time it asked me to type "help" it ALWAYS auto corrected to "hello" without me noticing before I clicked submit. and I would get marked wrong..... it is so annoying

July 31, 2017

I agree that har could mean hair or chart or charm, etc, however, the problem with this is that (at least the iPhone version of the app) will give you credit for words stating "Oops, you have a spelling error", but it is VERY inconsistent. To me, that's where the frustration lies.

August 1, 2017

yeah I could of been typing Harp, Hark, Hair, Harm, Harv, etc but I knew what the answer was and I wouldn't type anything else. Duolingo should know that whatever the answer was, if its close to the answer then it should give you a "correct" because mistakes happen.

August 2, 2017

Why do you have to type fast?
Can you 10 finger type?

How about checking your typed sentence before hitting submit / enter key?

Do you really request it that DuoLingo accepts a type answer "har" as "almost correct"? That really makes no sense, doesn't it???

Can you turn the auto correct of for a DuoLingo learning session or the browser with title starting with "DuoLingo"?

However, I am missing user scripts like those available on Memrise (e.g auto correct, speed review), which very much assist completing the right characters and typed words (e.g strict-type courses).

I have no interest to double check the solution field for "almost correct" answer examples and corrections.

August 1, 2017

I also sometimes like auto correct because sometimes my grammar is off and it helps sometimes.

August 2, 2017

Lol, I type fast because I'm good at typing. checking my sentence is fine but I always forget, if you type "Great" but the it auto corrects to "Grape" and press submit its going to say wrong answer. No, I can't turn off auto correct for just duolingo how does that make any sense??? Also, coming over here to type trash about my post doesn't help. Mistakes happen, so duolingo should just take it as a "Correct" answer because it should know that if the correct answer is "it is hard" and I type "it is har" then what in the world would I by typing? I'm not an idiot typing "it is harp" when I know the answer is "it is hard".

August 2, 2017

Good question: Why are there so few customizable (advanced) settings to change the "DuoLingo standard behavior" in my Duo user account?

Then please use Memrise and the user script "speed review" as it will stop you going to the next question and once you enter "harp" but the asked word is "hard" the script will auto-check for it and give you an error popup alert where you are not false rated.
With that help you are able to correct your sentence again and then submit enter / continue.

I guess this is just what you are looking for??
There is more in-depth talk about those users scripts on

Personally I do not yet use this "speed review" script, where you do not need to even press enter, as it will auto continue IF the word/sentence was typed correctly.

Personally I am using Memrise "auto correct" user script where I can decide myself when I want to hit enter / continue and this works pretty good even with "strict-typing" courses.
I love to have to try around with my own words in longer sentences ;)

I honestly have to say that I do not hope that the Duo programmers make the code more worse following alone your feature request / specific requirement.
The answer checking code is IMHO already sometimes too much relaxed about accepting the WRONG answers / words.

However what I support and request is, that they continue to accept "non-strict-typing" words/sentences (e.g Portuguese characters).

In your example "harp" vs "hard":
This has nothing to do with special characters and strict vs non-strict typing mode :)

As we can clearly see one DuoLingo programmer can not make all users happy as everyone has quite different requirements.

So to take your suggestions and requirements into account, I want to vote for:

  • 1) "auto correct / speed review" feature enhancements (as you type checking)
  • 2) typing / checking user scripts enhancements by some programmer gods (who do it better and faster than the DuoLingo team alone): DuoTweak, DuoStats, CourseProgress, LessonsFix....all great powerful scripts which are not working anymore with the new Duo portal (Scala)

or even better:

  • 3) Adding "answer checking rule settings", where each user can customize how the DuoLingo system shall check / rate his own answers.

I hope we could find a common denominator for sharing our requirements even from contrary (vice versa) directions? :)

Would you at least agree and vote on the last point? Please.

August 3, 2017
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