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The NEW Duolingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame (As of July 2017) Sign-Up Page

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New Note:## https://duolingo.eu/ might be a better alternative to this. It has all the HOFs combines into one: streaks, owls, levels, everything. It makes this page a little obsolete. What's your opinion? If people want me to maintain this page, I will continue to do so, but I do think that the website mentioned above outdoes this page.

(Note: I haven’t seen an update to the previous edition of the Golden Owl Hall of Fame, so I have decided to continue it myself. As the saying goes, ‘when you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself’).


Duolingo GOHOF Logo

Welcome to the Duolingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame!

There are over 200 million users learning another language on Duolingo, but not everyone has finished a tree. That’s why it’s important to celebrate the achievements those who have, with the Duolingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame!

I've Finished A Tree! How Can I Be Added?

To be added, you will need to leave a comment below, following these steps:

  1. Comment what trees you have finished in the order you finished them (if you can remember) and what the language of instruction is.

  2. I will reply to your comment to let you know you have been added. If you could delete your comment after I have replied it will help to keep the comments section easier to navigate.

Example: Hi! I have finished the Danish for English speakers and the Guarani for Spanish speakers tree.

I hope that I have covered everything already. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the GOHOF Page

July 31, 2017



Hi! I have completed the following trees (in chronological order) :

1) Spanish (from English)

2) English (from Spanish)

3) Italian (from English)

4) Italian (from Spanish)

5) English (from Italian)

6) French (from Spanish)

7) French (from English)

8) English (from French)

9) Spanish (from French)

10) Esperanto (from English)

11) French (from Italian)

12) Catalan (from Spanish)

13) Italian (from French)

14) Portuguese (from Spanish)

15) Portuguese (from English)

16) German (from Spanish)

17) German (from English)

18) Spanish (from Portuguese)

19) English (from German)


Wow! I'll start adding you now.


Edit: Complete!


I have completed yet another tree, this one is my 20th one, "Esperanto from Spanish". :-)


I will add that now:)


Hi, Ikuusi, I have completed yet another tree, "Spanish from German" this time, this is my 21st tree.


Can't wait until I can join one of these


I have finished English to Esperanto and English to Spanish


Added! First member!

  • 2673

Hello. I've enjoyed completing the French for English speakers and the Spanish for English speakers trees. Thank you very much for establishing the Duolingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame.


Just added now!


I have finished English to French


I have finished Spanish for English speakers.


I have finished the Spanish tree for English speakers.


I finished Russian for English speakers.


Hello, I completed the Spanish for English speakers tree, then I did the French for Spanish speakers tree. I would like to be added.

Thank you


I have finished Spanish from English.


I'll add you now!


Hi!. I have finished English from Spanish, Spanish from English and Swedish from English.


Adding you now!


I have finished the French tree for english speakers.


I have completed the English - Esperanto course.


Hi I just finished the Romanian for English speakers. First tree as I just joined 40 days ago.


Added! That was fast, congrats!


Thanks. I have no idea what the normal time is to complete a tree. I made the mistake of setting the daily goal too high (50). The plus side is that a higher goal forces you to spend at least an hour a day on the course.


It took me about four years, not forty days. . . .


I just finished the italian for english speakers.


That's amazing man, this motivates me to want to try the course haha. The Romanian course is very short, but level 16 in that time is a great achievement!


of the three courses I have done romanian was the hardest and spanish the easiest. Spanish also seemed like the course was shorter than the others.


I have finished the English for Spanish tree, the Spanish for English, the Esperanto for Spanish and for English, High Valyrian, and German from English.


Hi! In the last week I finished 2 more trees, Portuguese and Romanian for English Speakers


Currently, my motley assortment of golden owls are for Swedish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Danish, Italian, Esperanto, Norwegian, Welsh, Russian, German, Polish, Guaraní (from Spanish), Irish, Dutch, Romanian, English (from Chinese), Portuguese and Greek.

Thank you for bringing back the GOHOF!


Such a big list! I'll have to add it tomorrow. Enjoy the view from the top of the GOHOF when I do:)


Nevermind! Added!


Finished HV now.


I've just finished my Spanish (from English) golden owl, so please sign me up!


Hi! I have finished all (currently available) 25 trees for English.

Also 2 beta (High Valyrian for English speakers and Ukranian for English speakers)

For a total of 27 Trees and Golden Owls.

1 Norwegian for English speakers
2 Italian for English speakers
3 Czech for English speakers
4 Portuguese for English speakers
5 German for English speakers
6 Hebrew for English speakers
7 Vietnamese for English speakers
8 Welsh for English speakers
9 Spanish for English speakers
10 Russian for English speakers
11 Dutch for English speakers
12 French for English speakers
13 Danish for English speakers
14 Hungarian for English speakers
15 Swedish for English speakers
16 Greek for English speakers
17 Esperanto for English speakers
18 Irish for English speakers
19 Chinese for English speakers
20 Romanian for English speakers
21 Polish for English speakers
22 Korean for English speakers
23 Turkish for English speakers
24 Japanese for English speakers
25 Swahili for English speakers

26 High Valyrian for English speakers
27 Ukrainian for English speakers


Hi! I have completed the following trees:

Italian for English speakers. Spanish for English speakers. English for Spanish speakers. English for Italian speakers. Italian for Spanish speakers.


I don't exactly remember the order I've done these in, but I've completed: From English: 1) Spanish 2) French 3) Dutch 4) Portuguese 5) Italian 6) German 7) Swahili

From Spanish: 8) French 9) English 10) Italian 11) Portuguese

From French: 12) Spanish 13) English

From Portuguese: 14) English

From Dutch: 15) English


I've finished the German, Spanish, Dutch and Esperanto for English speakers courses in that order (I think... I may have done Spanish before German but I can't remember exactly because I finished them close to each other; I'd say I'm 85% confident that German came before Spanish).


I've completed the 1) German for English 2) Spanish for English 3) English for German 4) Swedish trees. And thanks in advance!


Is that every Swedish tree or just for English speakers?


The only Swedish tree is for English speakers. Sorry I didn't specify!


Actually I'm pretty sure there's a swedish for arabic speakers course


I have 19 owls. The order may not be 100% correct -

Portuguese for English Speakers, German for English, Italian for English, Dutch for English, English for Spanish, English for Portuguese, Catalán for Spanish, Spanish for English, Spanish for Portuguese, Portuguese for Spanish, Ukrainian for English, French for Spanish, English for Italian, English for Dutch, Welsh for English, Norwegian for English, Irish for English, Romanian for English and Danish for English.


Such a big list! I'll have to add it tomorrow.


Nevermind! Added!


English -> Spanish
Spanish -> English



Added! May I ask what script you use for your SHOF? I was hoping to find a similar script to use for the GOHOF.


It's a Python script that uses QtWebKit and BeautifulSoup. It'll be harder to script yours because there's nothing in the user profiles to indicate which trees a person has completed, as far as I know. Also, trees are updated and you can lose your golden owls.

You would need people to post in a standardize format in the sign up page and then read the comments. My script doesn't look at comment contents. There's also the trust issue. Mine reads the streak number directly from the comment which can't be faked. Yours relies on people being truthful.


Thank you. I'll guess I'll just have to check the extended profiles.


I finished the Spanish tree for English speakers.


Hi, I have finished:

French for English Speakers

Swedish for English Speakers

German for English Speakers

Esperanto for English Speakers

Danish for English Speakers

Norwegian for English Speakers

Italian for English Speakers

Spanish for English Speakers

Portuguese for English Speakers

Swahili for English Speakers

High Valyrian for English Speakers

I'm pretty sure that's the right order, but don't hold me to that!


Can you add Dutch to mine as well? :) Thanks


I have finished the German skill tree for English speakers.

  1. French from English
  2. French from Portuguese
  3. English from Portuguese
  4. Spanish from Portuguese
  5. Italian from English
  6. French from Spanish
  7. Catalan from Spanish


8 Italian from Spanish


I am not sure I remember all of them, but I have finished about 33. I'll have a go at listing them. I do not remember the order.

From English: French, Spanish, German Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch Irish, Welsh Russian, Polish, Ukrainian Esperanto Turkish, Italian, Portuguese

from Spanish:

French, German, Portuguese, English

from German:

Spanish, French, English

from French:

Spanish, Italian, English

From Portuguese:

Spanish, English

Plus English From:

Dutch, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Italian

I think that is all of them, for now. I am ten skills from finishing Hungarian and the other from Russian trees are all done down to the final check point too.


That's quite the list! It will take a while until I have fully added you.

Edit: Added!


Trees I've completed:

Esperanto (from English) Spanish (from English) Russian (from English) Welsh (from English) Italian (from Spanish)


Hey, I've completed so far Spanish and French from English. :)


Hey Ikuusi, just wanted to say that I finished Russian from English today, so this makes it my 3rd tree :)


Awesome, thanks a lot!


Saluton! Completed trees as follows: (Key: A-B = A for B speakers)



Just finished EN-CS (Czech) :)


I have finished Spanish for German speakers and Spanish, Italian, Russian and French for English speakers.


Hello! Thank you for embarking on the task of maintaining a Hall of Fame! Could I please put myself under the 3 trees category for having completed German, Dutch and Japanese (all from English)? Thank you!


9 trees: English from Portuguese

Portuguese from English

Spanish from Portuguese

Turkish, French, Esperanto, Russian, Italian, Swahili (all from English)


Hi, Thanks for taking over the GOHOF. I have completed (all from English) 1 german 2 french 3 italian 4 portuguese 5 dutch 6 spanish 7 swedish 8 danish


I completed the German Tree, Thanks


I've finished French! Finally, yay! Could you add me too please?


add italian from english to my romanian from english and spanish for english


Hi. I've completed, in chronological order: Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Russian and Hebrew (all from English). Cheers


I finished Hungarian a few weeks ago which takes me up to 34 completed trees.


I'll update you now:)


Hi! I have completed the following trees:

1) Italian (from English) 2) Spanish (from English) 3) Russian (from English) 4) Portuguese (from English) 5) Polish (from English) 6) Dutch (from English) 7) French (from English) 8) German (from English) 9) Ukrainian (from English) 10) English (from Polish)


I have completed Italian (from English). Thanks Ikuusi! :)


Hi! Finished English to Spanish! Thank You for adding me!

  • 1358

I finished English to Spanish today 1000xp per day allow you to finish quickly I definitely cant keep that up


Hi! I've completed German from English and Japanese from English trees


I'll add you now:)


just one... I've finished Spanish for English speakers


Added! Sorry for the delay. My notifications don't seem to be working properly at the moment.



I have completed the following trees:

Dutch from English (as of January 4th 2017) Swedish from English (as of April 22nd 2017)


Added! Sorry for the delay! My notifications don't seem to be working.


Thanks for doing this! I have completed French and Portuguese (for English speakers). Those can be added to Spanish, German, and Italian. Thanks again!


also english from italian. thanks!


So you have completed French and Portuguese for English, Spanish, German and Italian speakers? (8 trees + English for Italian)?


Hi! I have just finished the Norwegian(Bokmål) for English speakers tree!


Hi, I have completed in chronological order

1) French (From English) 2) English (From Korean) 3) Korean (From English)



I have completed French from English, Russian from English, German from English and Swedish from English. (Swedish is my native language, however, so that perhaps does not count)


I have not yet seen my name appear on the list. Please check, and at the same time you can add Italian from English and Dutch from English as well.


Added! Sometimes it's a bit glitchy so it might take a while to add profiles to the list.


Now I have finished four more trees: Danish from English, Norwegian from English, Esperanto from English and Welsh from English.


I have two golden owls: My first was French from German, then Swedish from English. :)


Hello! I have finished

Norwegian Bokmål (From English)

And French (from English)



And I just finished the German Tree!!!!

  • 1559

French from English tree completed. Merci!


Hi i've finished English (from french) and French (from English) thx!

[deactivated user]

    Hi, I finished the following trees (all from English): French, Portuguese, German and Spanish.


    Thank you for your GOHOF Page! I didn't want to finish my tree because I thought my tree would disappear and I wanted to keep it "alive" so that I could always keep practicing on it! Well, I finally completed my Spanish Tree for English speakers and it's still there, and I can continue to practice on it as much as I want...keeping it GOLDEN!


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    I've completed french from english :)


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Hi! I have finished the Spanish for English speakers tree.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    I've completed High Valyrian for English speakers.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    I have completed the Spanish for English speakers tree. THANKS !!!


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Thanks for doing this! I've completed the Norwegian (Bokmål) for English speakers tree and would like to be added.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Not sure if this is still being updated, but I've completed 2 trees. First the Swedish for English Speakers and just now Japanese for English speakers.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    I finished the Spanish tree for English speakers.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Hi! I have finished the Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, and German (all for English speakers) trees.


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Hello lkuusi. Today I completed the Italian for English speakers tree. Sono molto felice!


    Added! Sorry for the delay!


    Hi! I have finished my French tree for English speakers tree


    I have finished Spanish from English


    Very cool of you to do this. Could you please include me? I have completed

    Italian from English Spanish from English English from Spanish.

    Thank you :-)


    gI have now finished French from Russian for a total of 35 completed trees. It is all nice and shiny and level 19.


    Hi. I have finished the French for English speakers. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to maintain the GOHOF.


    I have finished the French for English speakers tree. Thank you for all the hard work put in developing the GOHOF Page


    On behalf of El_Devorador, respectfully requesting Posthumously to induct El Devorador into the Hall of Fame. He learned about his gift as a linguist a few years before his passing in July 2015. His profile is still active on here. He completed the following trees: (as copy & pasted from his profile) 1. French - Level 25 Total XP: 48813 XP 2. Portuguese - Level 25 Total XP: 43042 XP 3. Italian - Level 25 Total XP: 42179 XP 4. Spanish - Level 25 Total XP: 40510 XP 5. German - Level 25 Total XP: 36491 XP 6. Irish - Level 25 Total XP: 31023 XP 7. English - Level 23 Next level: 154 XP Total XP: 25846 XP 8. Dutch - Level 16 Next level: 1135 XP Total XP: 9365 XP 9. Danish - Level 15 Next level: 892 XP Total XP: 8108 XP 10. Swedish - Level 12 Next level: 270 XP Total XP: 4630 XP 11. Turkish - Level 4 Next level: 49 XP Total XP: 251 XP 12. Norwegian (Bokmål) - Level 2 Next level: 44 XP Total XP: 76 XP 13. Esperanto - Level 2 Next level: 54 XP Total XP: 66 XP 14. Ukrainian - Level 2 Next level: 56 XP Total XP: 64 XP

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards, Baron Carlton


    Hi! Unfortunately, I can't add this user based solely on this information. XP earned doesn't give an indication of if a tree is completed or not. I am Level 25 in Esperanto, but I haven't finished the tree yet. Also, for some of these languages the user has not gained enough XP to even guess if they have finished the tree or not.

    Perhaps Duolingo will one day have a feature which displays all finished trees, however, I would recommend adding this user to the Level 25 Hall of Fame as they have achieved quite a number of them.


    Hi! This is the most recent GOHOF I can find so here's hoping it's still valid :D

    You seem to be counting all trees, so I'll attempt to list them all in order...

    Ukrainian (from English)
    Esperanto (from English)
    English (from Russian)
    Russian (from English)
    Polish (from English)
    French (from Russian)
    French (from English)
    Hebrew (from English)
    English (from Czech)
    Spanish (from English)
    Italian (from English)

    I think that's it :D


    Just added: German (from English)


    Hi! In addition to the five trees reported before I have just completed German from English and English from German trees. Please update my score.


    Are you still updating the GOHOF page? I reported two more trees two weeks ago but do not see any change.


    Yes, I am. There's been a bug with the forums for a bit where any updates I make aren't recorded so it ends up being stuck. It might take some time, but everyone will be added eventually. Sorry for the delays!


    HI! I finished the German for English speakers tree.


    As for now, I have 4 trees finished: Polish from English, English from Polish, Japanese from English and Esperanto from English :)


    Hi! I have completed Spanish for English speakers and Japanese for English speakers. Thanks!


    Hi! I've completed the Spanish from English tree.


    I have completed my Romanian from English tree! Can you add me?


    Hello, I've completed nine trees so far, all from English:

    1. Spanish

    2. French

    3. Portuguese

    4. Italian

    5. Swedish

    6. Danish

    7. Norwegian

    8. Dutch

    9. German

    Thank you for taking on this list! Best of luck to you!


    Hi! I have completed 9 trees from English in this order: 1. Russian, 2. Italian, 3. Swedish, 4. Portuguese, 5. Spanish, 6. Japanese, 7. German, 8. French, 9. Chinese.


    I've finished the following trees:

    • Spanish from English
    • French from English
    • French from Spanish


    And now also - German from English



    I have finished the following trees (not 100% certain of the chronological order of the middle 3 trees though...) :

    1) Spanish from English 2) German from English 3) French from English 4) Italian from English 5) Portuguese from English


    Hi! I've completed (in chronological order)

    1. Swedish from English
    2. Norwegian (Bokmål) from English
    3. German from English
    4. Danish from English
    5. French from English

    [deactivated user]

      Hello! I finished the Spanish tree for English speakers!


      Hi, can I be added? I have finished seven trees: German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese, all from English.


      Example: Hi! I have finished the English, Spanish for Portuguese speakers and the Portuguese, Spanish for English speakers tree.


      Hello! Thank you for continuing this project. I have completed, in order, French for English speakers and Spanish for English speakers.

      • 2061

      I have finished Italian for English speakers and English for Russian speakers. Thank you.


      I have completed Dutch from English


      Hi I have completed the Spanish for English speakers tree.


      Hi! I have finished the French for English speakers tree.


      I finished Portuguese for English.


      Hi, Ikuusi! I have finished the Spanish (1), German (2), Ukrainian (3), Italian (4), Catalan (5), French (6), Portuguese (7), Romanian (8), Hawaiian (9), and Navajo (10 trees). Please add these to the GOHOF. Thank you very much! :)


      The site mentioned by Ikuusi that basically shows all the HOF info, as well as extended profile info, changed its domaine name several months ago to https://duome.eu. Thanks to Ikuusi and others who have done all the work to maintain the HOF's in the past.


      i have finished french for English speakers skill tree and Spanish for English speakers


      i dont have mutch

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