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So I just came across the genitive in Danish, seems pretty straightforward. But what wasn't really clear to me though is that if the word already ends in an -s, the genitive is formed by adding an apostrophe. Does this influence the pronunciation of the word, or does it stay the same?

For example "en gris' æble". Is "gris'" then pronounced as grises or does it stick to its original pronunciation?

7/31/2017, 8:35:50 PM

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As a general rule it is pronounced with -es:

Alex' æble - Alexes æble

En gris' æble - En grises æble (I would pronounce it like: En gris-es æble)

But it is actually a good question. I think the pronunciation of -es may be difficult to hear in some cases when the word already ends in -s. We sometimes find it difficult to pronounce ourselves so we just (without thinking about it) rephrase it. Perhaps some would say "Et æble hørende til en gris" or something else to avoid the ambiguous sentence "En gris' æble". It may be or become ambiguous because it can be difficult to hear the ending clearly.

Conclusion: In general (95% or more of the times) you should pronounce it as -es. In rare cases (5% or less) you should rephrase it in some way.


7/31/2017, 11:13:52 PM
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