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"Наш город находится за этим мостом."

Translation:Our town is after this bridge.

July 31, 2017



I think that the correct answer should be " Our city is located behind this bridge" but duolingo's answer is " Our city is located after this bridge"


I think it should be «Our city is beyond this bridge”.


"after" can be ok here I would say in the limited circumstance that one is referencing the idea of travelling in the direction of one's city, so one can then associate things that are further in distance with being later in time.


I'd concur with piguy3 that "after" is possible, but "across" seems to fit the intent much better and is more general (and it's accepted). I realize "across" is usually через... "over" should work too.


Either one is okay but you can also drop "located" here. It's more common to just say tge city is "behind"or "after this bridge. "


I think the best word in the place of after would be beyond. It keeps to the behind-ness of за a little better, without forcing the confusion of after, which I think is better left to вслед.


"Beyond" is the best translation here. "Behind" implies that the bridge is blocking the view of the town.


This makes no sense in English. If these are directions it should say "is located" or "begins" after this bridge. As is, not a correct English sentence. And impossible to make sense of it in the drill. Bad choice for an exercise.


Our town is after this bridge, is fine. If you are driving along a road, and giving directions, this is exactly what you say


My translation

Our town is after that bridge

is not accepted.

How do you differ this / that in Russian?


I have the same question. Anybody?

Would it be вон тот мост? Because I thought 'вон тот/ та/ то/ те' were only used when you are really pointing at something.


Behind was the first meaning presented for "за", but it doesn't fit this situation: here its meaning is clearly "beyond"


Not necessarily. They bridge could also be blocking your view in a landscape.


I wrote this and got it wrong.


In English "after this bridge" implies that the town would like to acquire the bridge. The translation is too literal.

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