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Suggestion: option of automatic renewal of Duolingo Plus

I find it a little annoying that there isn't an option to automatically renew every month with Duolingo Plus but rather finding out that the month is up by getting some more ads. I realize it's not a huge, huge issue, but on balance, I would prefer the option to just sign up indefinitely or for a year or something instead of for 30 days and then having to go in and buy it again each time.

Is this an app store issue? I don't buy many apps. Duolingo is pretty much the only thing in the app store that gets my money and I mainly do it because I want to consistently support them rather than being really put off by ads. Is it a possibility that Duolingo just hasn't opted for or a limitation of Apple's app store?

July 31, 2017

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The app store certainly allows recurring subscriptions. I'm surprised it's not an option for Duolingo, considering that many people inevitably forget about their subscriptions, which effortlessly generates more revenue. They should certainly retain the non-automatic option, too, however (I say this as an unofficial representative of said many people).

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