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"His boy weighs fifty seven kilograms."

Translation:Băiatul lui cântărește cincizeci și șapte de kilograme.

July 31, 2017



I had this question as a multi choice with "Băiatul său cântărește cincizeci și șapte de kilograme" as the correct answer - what is the context of using său instead of lui for masculine possessive, or is it okay to always use lui if you want to?


You can translate "his boy" both as "băiatul lui" and "băiatul său". "Băiatul lui" sounds more natural to me. They mean the same thing but "lui" is a personal pronoun, while "său" is a possessive pronoun.
And if you are curious... "Băiatul său" also means "her boy".
"Lui" can also be an article.


I got the same thing my problem is I can't read the sentence to translate


57 should be a valid answer


You're supposed to learn how to write it in Romanian! :D


"Băiatul lui/său ARE cincizeci și șapte de kilograme" is both correct and more common, according to a native speaker I asked, but not accepted.


Agreed. I've seen doctors in Romania who have asked me "Câte kilograme aveți?"


This was msrked wrong earlier!


Hold on... cantareste? I thought that that had something to do with singing! XD

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