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7 month progress Video

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone's french learning process is going great.

I recently finished the Duolingo skill tree after six months on Duolingo.

In total, I have practised French for about 7 months now. I started from scratch in the beginning of 2017 where all I could say was Bonjour and Merci.

I made a progress update video on my French learning in French. I still make a lot of mistakes and struggle to express a lot of things but I think it's going great so far.


I hope those who are new to French can get inspired by this and the veterans can give me feedback on the mistakes I made so I can improve.

Thanks, Orgil.

July 31, 2017



I absolutely love this!! You did a fantastic job! Congratulations! :)


Thank you very much :)


Félicitations pour votre succès. Il est clair que vous avez fait des efforts et a insisté pour parler couramment en français dans un court laps de temps. C'est une réussite et nous devons tous augmenter la limite pour vous!


Merci pour l'encouragement ! J'ai fait beaucoup d'effort et je vais continuer à apprendre :)


Thank you for sharing your lovely and successful experience with us, very motivational


Félicitations!! it is very nice


Oh my gosh! You speak like you were born French. Keep up the good work!!! ;) And Congrats!


Haha thanks for the compliment but I am nowhere near there yet. I hope to speak like a native one day but still got a long way to go :D


This is really encouraging to read :) I joined Duolingo a week ago and have started the French course. Starting from scratch just like you, so it's amazing to see that there's hope with some hard work and practise


Thanks, and keep practising :D I think I've invested around 200-300 hours in total. There were moments when I thought I wasn't making any progress but I just kept at it consistently. With hard work, anyone can do it :)


How is your listening comprehension by now?


It's not bad but I do get lost when people speak really fast or use complex sentences on a native level. I watch a lot of animated series like How to Train your Dragon or Troll Hunters with french audio on Netflix. I understand about 70-80% of the conversations there. But I sometimes play Counter-Strike with French teammates and talk to them on Team Speak and that's a whole another challenge. They speak really fast and use a lot of native slangs and things so they are much harder to understand in comparison to the animated films.


very helpful ! well done!


Well done. I like your video. To be continued in YouTube comment section :)


wow this is so crazy because I plan on doing a vid like this for french. I kept putting it off. Thanks for the reminder and Congrats!


Congratulations! You're doing really good and I actually understood everything what you said, but my speech is not as good as yours. I'd probably stutter way more haha. Good luck :)


sigue anando el camino por toda su vida respira yi si pierdes mis huellas que dios te bendiga respira.

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